Start Thinking About Enterprise Sales & Raise Your Bar

Enterprise sales are considered to be a long and frustrating process. However, in order to survive, you need it badly. Enterprise users pay off well and usually stay for a longer period than a normal user. However, in order to get an enterprise deal closed, one must know rules of the game. Large companies and institutions usually subscribe to quite a lot of services for their employees. However, in order to get noticed one needs to stand out from the competition by offering something unique, critical, highly beneficial and dependable for the enterprise. Here a question arises. How can you separate yourself from the crowd and stand out. What is it that only you can offer and that too in a better way?

To answer that in an effective manner, you must have a deep understanding of your own sales organizational culture and the solutions you are offering. The most literate person about your solution should be your sales representatives. It matters, like a lot! In enterprise sales, the average time to close a deal is minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.

In Enterprise Sales, try selling your solution to multiple divisions within a company.

This is very important for a sales representative to understand. Selling to different divisions and departments as well as selling horizontally and vertically in a hierarchy is essential. The reason behind this is that different groups have different needs and might have different thoughts on using your services. So customize your content accordingly and try to address each and every person’s need as much as you can.

Enterprise Sales

Another important thing to know is that within every organization there are people who care less about the welfare of the organization and more about their own career. They are not to be targeted in your campaigns. When you realize that the person you have reached out to is really interested and finds practical value in your solution, try your best to sell on him/her. Such REAL benefits should be presented that are good for both the growth of their organization as well as their career.

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Enterprise sales can provide a sustainable revenue base for your company. Don’t ignore it.

A few sales professionals think that giving away some discounts in enterprise sales will help them close the deal. But in fact, it is the opposite. Offering price cuts to large enterprises will do nothing but lower the value of your services and your company. Do not offer discounts in the first place, but if it’s a deal breaker, show a little flexibility.
Enterprise sales require a completely different set of strategies and one must never apply their general techniques and strategies whenever trying to do an enterprise sale.

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