Sales Intelligence is the Next Sales Gold Rush

Sales Intelligence is where firms are willing to invest heavily. Competition nowadays has reached new heights globally. Along with that, the customers are also becoming more difficult to sell to as they are much more literate about alternatives and our products. Thanks to the internet, nothing can be hidden now.
In order to compete and grow today, sales intelligence helps with devising campaigns that target the right customer by delivering the right content in order to ensure a successfully closed deal. Typically sales intelligence can be defined as

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“Sales intelligence refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of information to help salespeople stay up to date with clients, prospect data and drive more business.”
Campaigns based on sales intelligence enable sales professionals to stay in front of customers for longer durations. The sales team shouldn’t be wasting their precious time on crafting follow-ups for prospects that aren’t ready to buy. Instead, they should identify interested prospects with the help of accurate engagement data and start automated nurturing campaigns. These campaigns nurture the prospects over time and at the same time eradicate the manual process for sales.

Sales Intelligence

The added advantage is that while the goal is to help the sales team, the campaign can be handled mostly by the marketing team. The only thing that needs to be ensured is that there is ample communication between the two teams. The sales reps would act as advisers to the marketing team who would be on the front lines dealing with the leads.

Arm your sales team with sales intelligence

Here are a few tips that would help you design smart sales nurturing campaign.

Focus on the goal

The nurturing campaign is a means to an end so you should first decide the goal that you want to achieve. Goals can be qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative goals will help you in developing the best fit sales nurturing strategy for your company. On the other hand, quantitative goals will help you in determining the scale of your campaign.

Share the right content

The content that you share with your prospects should be consistent. Try to communicate content that can be backed by the products that you have in your inventory. Moreover, use the concept of sales funnel when sending content to the prospects. Leads in the top of the sales funnel look for basic information, leads in the middle of the funnel look for solutions to a particular problem and leads in the bottom are the ones who are poised to purchase you product. They are ready to buy your product. Don’t make the mistake of offering bottom of the funnel content to someone who has just given you a sign of general interest and not of readiness to buy.

Sales intelligence tools integrate with social streams to provide additional information about a prospect

Keep it short & simple

Ideally, you should stay focused on one topic in the email. This will help in keeping the email brief. Try not showing off by adding custom HTML, cool fonts or multiple images. The lead should be able to get to know the value that you provide to them in just a glance. Remember to mention the next steps that they have to follow.

Keep track of your customers. 

In order to find out whether your strategy is an effective one or not, you must track the behavior of the prospects after the nurturing campaign is implemented. With up to date sales and marketing technology, teams can track down how many times emails are opened, who clicks on the links and who downloads the material provided. Marketing automation generates reports that can help diagnose the sales funnel and what part of the cycle each prospect is in.

Firms that make best use of sales intelligence such as lead nurturing campaigns see a significant upward change in their performance.

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