Case study: How Praetorian Digital increased pipeline value by 30% in just 3 months

How Praetorian Digital increased pipeline value by 30 percent using Fileboard

Do you know if your prospects opened, viewed or forwarded your sales pitch? And did you ever count how much time you waste each week following up with prospects only to find out they haven’t seen your pitch (yet), or aren’t interested?
Like most sales organisations you’re losing incredible amounts of time with irrelevant follow-ups. Imagine you can spend this time on actual sales instead.

We talked to Stacey Storey, Associate Sales Operations Manager at Praetorian Digital how Fileboard increased their sales.


Stacey Storey, Associate Sales Operations Manager at Praetorian Digital

As the global leader in digital media for public safety and local government officials, we help governments, companies, organizations and citizens to keep their communities safe and secure. Our proprietary technology platform and network of flagship websites delivers expert content, mobile solutions and online tools that facilitate information sharing, enhance effectiveness, mitigate risk and streamline training.

Our sales challenge

Our sales team of 10 was emailing hundreds of Media Kits and program details a week with 0 insight into whether or not the content was being opened, viewed or perhaps forwarded. The serious lack of visibility into what our prospects were doing with our content made it nearly impossible for sales reps to follow up with the right contact at the right time. At least 3 to 5 hours per rep a week was wasted pursuing unresponsive prospects or following up with the wrong contact. We wasted so much time that we started to look for a tool that could provide us the much needed insight on when prospects were reviewing our materials and when we should be following up with them.

How Fileboard solved our sales challenge

Sending a file link, created with Fileboard, versus sending an attachment has given us the much needed insight into how our contacts interact with the material we send. I am surprised and quite pleased to report the average open rate of our file links is between 70 – 80%. This knowledge has really driven the team to be more motivated and better target their prospects for outreach. We have seen a significant increase in team activity week over week after implementing Fileboard. The team average for outbound activity, per rep a week, was once at 80 activities. Now we are seeing over 200 activities complete a week. The increase in activity also represents a change in activity type as well. We have seen a 40% increase on the number of pipeline driving meetings. The hours the team was once wasting pursuing poor quality sales leads is now spent securing more successful meetings with warm prospects.

The notifications that come through, in real time, whenever a prospect opened or forwarded a file link containing to our proposals has been key to the success we are seeing. This feature gives sales reps the ability to know who to contact at exactly the right time. This important insight allows us to target prospects that are most open to our message. It has had not only an impact on our activity, but our pipeline as well.

“Within 6 months of using Fileboard, our creation to close date dropped from 27 to 13 days, which I attribute to the team effort and Fileboard’s features.”

Within the first 6 months of using Fileboard the average age of an opportunity (creation to close date) has dropped from 27 days to 13 days. Additionally, in the last 3 months, which are historically a slower sales period for us, we have seen a 30% growth in our pipeline. I attribute the success to team effort and Fileboard’s features, which have allowed us to be more efficient and knowledgeable about our prospects interaction with our sales collateral.

“Fileboard’s ability to analyze our prospects’ views/interaction with files and during a live pitch is key to improving our pitch and success.”

The ability to analyze our prospects’ views/interaction with files and during a live pitch has also led us to conduct some much needed changes to our proposal templates and sales pitch. We were able to use the data on what slides were viewed the most and for how long to adjust our collateral to better capture a viewer’s attention and get our sales points across faster. We now focus less on the text heavy program descriptions and more on the marketing goals our programs solve. Knowing we can gauge prospects interaction with our content and adjust accordingly is key to improving our pitch to meet the needs of the market as it continuously evolves.

Why we chose Fileboard over competitors

As we are using, the seamless integration of Fileboard with our CRM was extremely important to us. The user interface was just so clean and easy to use in comparison to the competitor and the single sign on helps minimize the need for multiple open tabs and potential errors during log in.

“The seamless integration with Salesforce, the clean user interface and the pleasant interaction with Fileboard’s team made us chose Fileboard”

Another important factor was the pleasant interaction with Fileboard’s team during the demo, trial period and sales/negotiation phase. Fileboard’s team really took time to hear our specific needs and was willing to be flexible on timeframe for calls, implementation, team training and additional support or follow up items.

How Fileboard enriched our Sales Process

The sales process before and after Fileboard implementation did not change significantly, which is also the beauty of this tool. It was easier for users to adopt because it did not significantly change the existing processes they were used to completing. Fileboard really just enriched certain steps in our existing processes. Making the switch from sending emails with attachments to emails with file links was fairly simple and straight forward.

“Our sales process did not change significantly, which is also the beauty of the tool. Fileboard really just enriches certain steps in our existing processes, making it easier for users to adopt.”

Additionally, being able to share useful files with the whole team in a format that is easily accessible saved reps the time it took to track down recent examples from their desktop or from colleague’s emails.

Lastly, I would say that having access to an individualized and reliable conference phone line was a major improvement to our process. Prior to Fileboard we often used free services that had a poor connection or a limit to the number of attendees.

The results

Using Fileboard we saw the following results:

  1. Fileboard increases sales efficiency, giving our reps 3 – 5 more hours a week to pursue warm leads & prospects, and 2 – 4 more hours a week saved on fewer conference line and screen share issues. Our average outbound activity increased by 250% per sales rep.
  2. Fileboard dropped the average opportunity Age by 52%
  3. Fileboard increased our pipeline value by 30% and our pipeline driving meetings by 40%
  4. Fileboard increased audience viewership on files sent by 70 – 80%

Overall we noticed a 250% increase in outbound sales activity, a 30% increase in pipeline value and a 52% shorter opportunity age.


We would definitely recommend Fireboard to other companies. It is an easy to use tool that does precisely what a sales team needs it to do. The ability to conduct and track live meetings, conference calls and prospect viewership on sales collateral is a necessity for any successful sales team. What I specifically like is that I can grab slides and content from my own, and others, previous presentations and use them during new pitches. This collaborative capability was missing prior to our implementation of Fireboard.

“We would definitely recommend Fireboard to other companies. It is an easy to use tool that does precisely what a sales team needs it to do.”