Sales 2.0: Effective Sales Follow-up.

Sales 2.0 is the new age of sales just like an update on some tech app. in your smartphone. This term was first coined in 2006 which implied that it’s about using new age tools like web 2.0 and media to sell your product and close deals more efficiently. This has been rapidly taking over outbound sales in the sense that more and more people are converting towards inbound sales, which is what sales 2.0 is all about.

This new era of sales embodies a general set of principles, which if followed properly, lead to more closed deals. One of the very important concepts is effective sales follow-up which is often overlooked and is merely thought of as ‘touching base’. Well, it’s more than just that. It’s about keeping your client interested in you and at the same time keeping track of where the deal stands from the closing point of view.

A good Follow-up in Sales 2.0 leads to closing of Deal 2.0.

Has it ever occurred to you why some of your clients never reply back to your follow up cold call or email after having a great discussion you thought would lead to a deal closed?? Well, there might just be a few reasons for that but you need to engage your prospect in meaningful conversations upon follow-ups and to do so, you need to learn how to follow-up properly. Some of the tips for better follow-up in sales 2.0 are given below:

Make personalized email templates:

This gives you an edge over your competitors as your prospect gets a feeling of closeness after reading an email specifically addressed to them. In this email, point out the positives that came out of your discussion upon XYZ topic and any agreements you might have had. Also, tell them that you wanted to check in with them to know how everything is and what their stance is, as per your previous discussion.

[Tweet “You need to be discreet about this as you don’t want them to think of you as *pushy*. Play it cool.”]

Introduce new ideas and insights:

By doing so, you’re getting your prospect’s attention as well as letting him know that your vision about this deal isn’t limited but very broad. This shows that you are someone who always thinks about how to improve the business. At this point, your prospect is most likely to be impressed and you might move towards closing of the deal.

Sales 2.0

Be relevant but not hasty:

The relevancy of your follow-up is very crucial in sales 2.0 as your client wants to know if you really mean business or not. You need to answer his questions properly, share stories related to the deal, provide him with extra information, give him references and be calm about it to get your client’s approval.

Remind them why taking the deal is the best option:

At this point, you need to inform them about the pros of your proposed deal and tell them why it’s a good idea to take it. Also, you need to be discreet about this as you don’t want them to think of you as *pushy*. Play it cool.

These few tips when followed properly lead you to effective sales follow ups which increases the chances of you landing a client by a high margin. This is very important to a client in determining the stance of a seller and his dedication towards providing the customer with the best of everything. Also, in sales 2.0, the follow-up usually revolves around keeping the customer within the bounds of your strategy to not let him go some other place by giving him the best incentives to keep him interested.

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