The Need for Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Technology becomes necessary to use when the sales reps want to sell both faster and more intelligently. It is a category of cloud based software that’s designed to facilitate and accelerate all processes pertinent to the sales pipeline. It is the bridge between CRM and marketing automation.
The sales profession is in a state of rapid modernization. The upsurge in technology has improved the sales reps productivity by automating certain aspects of communication activities involving the sales rep and prospect such as calling, emailing and leaving voice messages.

In a few years, all companies will need sales acceleration technology in order to be competitive.

Why will such a need be generated in the next few years? We have a few reasons to believe this is going to happen. The following are the reasons.

CRM tools aren’t sufficient

Before the introduction of customer relationship management tools, businesses were run by using spreadsheets, contact databases and other basic software. While CRM software has performed well in recording client data and improving collaboration, it doesn’t really influence the outcome of the deals. There is much room for improvement which can be filled by sales acceleration technology. It can help sales reps by providing them the right data in a useful context during sales calls.

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Customers avoid meeting sales reps

Nowadays, customers hesitate having a one on one meeting with the sales reps. If predictions of business experts are to be believed, by the year 2020, 85 percent of customer relationships will be handled without human involvement. Sales are becoming more objective. Prospects like to buy from sales reps that can provide the relevant information at a quick pace.

In order to provide an amazing customer experience, the callers should be instantly connected to the most suitable sales reps. Similarly, these sales reps should be provided with relevant information to enhance the customer’s experience at all of the touch points and help in providing solutions to the issues that the customer is going through. These tasks can be easily accomplished through sales acceleration technology.

Sales Acceleration Technology industry is the business space between CRM and marketing automation.

Keeping a competitive edge

The demand for sales reps has increased dramatically in the last few years. Consequently firms are hiring less experienced sales reps. According to reports, the average experience level for a sales development representative has decreased to as low as 1.2 years.

Those inside reps that have very little experience need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. Sales acceleration technology can help these amateur sales reps in meeting targets that normally only all-star sales reps can achieve.

There is a high need for such technology in the throat cutting nature of today’s business world. Faster sales cycles, higher close rates and stronger overall company revenue can all be achieved through Sales Acceleration Technology.

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