Opportunities that Sales Technology Brings In

There was a time when sales technology meant having a phone by your desk to cold call prospects and sell your product. Then came along the age of pagers to set up meetings and check in on your clients to know their needs, which lead to a more evolved technology of sales through e-mailing. It evolved and evolved bringing us to where we stand right now having the best technology ever; tools making the life of sales easy for us. Today, we have the most advanced gadgets and softwares at our service to help us be the best in the sales business.

From cloud and big data services, to mass emailing and customer relationship management (CRM) softwares, sales technology has taken over our life completely. Without it, our sales process seems to be dysfunctional and the people who still aren’t using them fall far behind in the race to the top. It has become an integral part of our jobs and brings with it immense opportunities too, which if availed properly boosts our performance by a huge margin.

The sales technology software market alone is a $20 Billion market which is expanding by the day.

When it comes to technology, there’s a lot of potential in the region of sales enablement and sales force automation in the sense that they expand your horizons beyond the usual b2b marketing. They enhance your scope and provide you with hands on tools to do whatever you’re doing, in an easier and more prolific manner.

Fileboard is one of those sales technology companies which offers CRM solutions by automating your entire sales process and gives you the real time experience of dealing with your customer. You can use our services to produce personalized mass emails and keep a track of which aspects of your presentation the prospect likes. You can then use this info to your advantage and give the customer what he wants. It also allows you to carry out live meetings with your clients with built in support for your presentations.

Sales Technology

The size of a company doesn’t matter when it comes to technology in sales. If you want your company to improve, having sales acceleration tools are a must. They will not only increase your revenue but change the entire outlook of your company’s sales process. Here are a few opportunities that sales technology creates.

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It has become more than just CRM.
Before the dawn of platforms like Salesforce etc. who provided CRM solutions, most businesses were run by using outlook or spreadsheets. At that time, they fulfilled the needs of companies until we found better solutions, like Salesforce and Fileboard. In the same way, the current CRM tools will become obsolete as new and advanced sales acceleration tools replace them which will influence our sales outcomes even more.

Digitization is the new black.
It is said that by 2020, almost 80% of customer relationships will be handled without even interacting with humans. Everything will become digital; even the sales process between a customer and a sales person. Sales will be all about finding the right answers no matter what the source is. For that, acceleration technologies ought to be used to increase outcomes with minimum inputs.

Technology helps us bring our A-Game to the table.
In the past decade or so, the need for sales development representatives (SDRs) have become so high that even sales reps, with experience below 2 years, will get into a very good firm easily. To match this drop, we need to have proper sales technology and accelerate our sales in the best possible way to help us give it our best shot. Acceleration tools really bring out the best in us by giving us challenging targets to match and increasing the width of our sales pipeline.

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