How to make the best out of your sales engagement plan?

A proper sales engagement plan has become a necessity of the modern day sales manager. Highly engaged customers are ought to purchase more frequently and spend more time on the purchases. They feel like an integral part of the company and in turn provide the company with valuable insight and suggestions to make the product and the sales process better. A customer who is properly engaged is much closer to the sales team and helps preserve the image of the company by not complaining about the product or their buying experience publicly, rather chooses to discuss the matter privately and directly with the company.

After getting to know the importance of sales engagement, we shall now discuss different ways to make the best out of our sales engagement plan. But before we do that, we shall set some ground rules before making an engagement plan.

  1. Know your customer better than anyone else.
    Apart from knowing about their geographical and behavioral background, to build an emotional connection with his customer, one should know about the things which click with his customer. This way, long lasting relationships are built. You need to know about their interests, their admirations, taste, beliefs, etc. By doing so, you can build a virtual profile of your customer around which you can build your sales engagement plan.
  2.  Come up with clear objectives.                                                                                                                       The same as any marketing campaign, sales engagement plan could be tuned differently to achieve different objectives. You need to be perfectly clear about what results you want out of your plan. Do you want to enhance brand loyalty, or do you want to increase conversion rates? Do you want to obtain feedbacks leading to p2p marketing or do you want to increase sales value? These are the things we need to be clear about before we put pen to paper and start drafting out a sales engagement plan.

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Sales Engagement Plan

By presenting your client with a strong sales engagement plan you assure him that you mean business.

Sales engagement plan is not so much about the seller as it is about the customer. Actually, it’s all about the customer and how you can make his experience worth his while. Let us now discuss various components necessary to make a strong sales engagement plan:

Positive Customer Experience:
Creating positive customer experience is vital when making a sales engagement plan. The reason for this is that the customer of today is equipped with the latest technological gadgets and up to date with social media. They can easily compare the prices and specs of different products which is why offering the lowest price isn’t enough. You must provide them with out of the world customer experience as studies show that 70% of the customers are willing to pay more for a certain product just because of top of the line customer service.

The customer of today wants personalization. They want to derive value and meaning from your interactions so that they stand out from others. This is why they prefer personalized messages. Studies have shown that they respond more favorably to these rather than mass promotions. For this, you need to start off by asking your customer about how they want to communicate and you may capitalize on that. You can ask them their preferred mode of communication e.g phone, email, snail or text. It could be anything related to their buying history which would give them a feeling of closeness. The more specific you are, the more chance you have of engaging your customer in a long conversation.

Always follow-up:
To have a healthy feedback database and to keep the customer reviews in flow, it’s only necessary to have a proper follow-up routine. This highly impacts your customers and helps your company have more and more repeat customers who also recommend your product to their friends. You can do this by creating a platform for your customers to leave reviews about the products and give you feedback about their experience. You can then use that to engage more potential customers and lure them into buying your product based on the positive reviews you get.

A sales engagement plan is best used when it is totally focused on the needs of your customer.


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