New Feature: create and edit Contacts, Companies and Opportunities

With the launch of our contacts feature we’ve added more features to make working with contacts, companies and opportunities easier than ever within Fileboard.

You can now create and edit contacts, companies and opportunities. We’ve also increased the amount of available fields for a contact, company and opportunity. Actually we’ve made sure that those fields match the respective Salesforce fields, so that Fileboard integrates even more tightly.

All this functionality is located right in the Prospect section of the side menu.

Create / edit contacts

Fileboard - create and edit contacts
Click contacts to view all your contacts. Here you can fetch contacts from Salesforce or import contacts from a .csv file. By clicking on the New button you can easily create a new contact and attach that to a company.
When you click on a contact you can view contact details including engagement logged on that contact. Here you can edit an existing contact.

Create / edit companies

Fileboard - create and edit companies
Go to companies to view all the companies in your pipeline. The process is the same for companies as for contacts. Simply click the New button to create a new company, and click on a company to edit it.

Create / edit opportunities

Fileboard - create and edit opportunities
Go to opportunities to view all your opportunities. Again, the process is the same.

We hope these features will make it easier for you to accelerate your sales using Fileboard. We’re looking forward to your feedback and questions.