Month: August 2015

Still confused between traditional sales & inbound sales

The difference between inbound sales and traditional sales (outbound) is who you target. It can be everybody or specific people that might be interested in your product. Question here is how can you be so sure that they are interested? The answer is simple; you pushed them to find you, how? Through content that is… Read more »

Sales Intelligence is the Next Sales Gold Rush

Sales Intelligence is where firms are willing to invest heavily. Competition nowadays has reached new heights globally. Along with that, the customers are also becoming more difficult to sell to as they are much more literate about alternatives and our products. Thanks to the internet, nothing can be hidden now. In order to compete and… Read more »

Start Thinking About Enterprise Sales & Raise Your Bar

Enterprise sales are considered to be a long and frustrating process. However, in order to survive, you need it badly. Enterprise users pay off well and usually stay for a longer period than a normal user. However, in order to get an enterprise deal closed, one must know rules of the game. Large companies and… Read more »

Transforming from Outside Sales to Inside Sales

Traditional sales were one of the only transaction mechanics of the business world over the last few decades.  The outfield sales officers used to meet prospective customers and the current clients face to face and the inside sales representatives used to help them in achieving their daily tasks. However, times have changed and businesses these… Read more »

Add value to your sales conversation based on real time prospect insights

Real time prospect insights aid the process of sales conversation between the sales rep and the customer. Giving the customer exactly what they want or even more than what they have thought of is the goal of every successful firm. Why is it necessary to adopt the real time customer insight technique for an effective… Read more »

New feature: Drill down sales engagement to Contact level

Until now, when you send out collateral to a prospect you had to make the assumption that the person receiving and viewing your collateral was the actual decision maker. Fileboard showed you engagement on company level and you could see how many times your collateral was viewed, and by whom. But we felt this wasn’t… Read more »