Month: September 2015

Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Timing your Approach!

Timing is a crucial factor having an impact on the overall sales performance of a firm. A firm cannot compromise on it. By doing so, it will only lead towards debacle. At every aspect of the modern sales funnel, timing is a key factor. From pitching to closing a deal, timing plays a significant role. Excellent timing can be… Read more »

4 Killer Sales Productivity Tools for Inside Sales Professionals!

Sales productivity tools have become the vital ammunition for an inside sales team. Today without having effective sales productivity tools could mean that you are going out in the battle without the weapons to fight it with. Such has been the importance of sales productivity tools, and without it any sales force is not ready… Read more »

How to get better results with Inside Sales Teams

Inside sales is the practice ground for sales reps to test their sales abilities. It takes a lot to perform one of the most intimidating tasks in business, i.e. cold calling, and to turn it into a sales pipeline for the firm. As a sales rep, your job is to close the deal on a winning… Read more »

An Overview of Sales Enablement Best Practices.

We’re often asked about sales enablement best practices and how to implement them in our daily life sales routine. Well, here it is. We have previously discussed what sales enablement actually means and why does it play a vital role in the sales climate of a company. Today we’ll be talking about the best practices… Read more »

How to Integrate Sales Engagement in your Organization

Sales engagement conventionally falls under the category of sales. In the earlier times, it was limited to cold calling, follow-ups, product demonstrations and sales pitches. However, in recent times sales teams have taken new initiatives that have given sales engagement a completely new dimension. Sales Engagement is a new term for solving an age-old problem…. Read more »

Sales Enablement Jobs: Life of a sales enablement professional.

Sales managers are often asked about the nature of sales enablement jobs and the duties of sales enablement professionals. They want to know why these jobs are higher paying and much valued as compared to the job of a simple sales rep. Well, the answer isn’t a very difficult one. As discussed in our previous… Read more »

Optimize Your Pipeline Acceleration Process in 2015

Sales Pipeline acceleration has become the need of the moment because firms want to close the sales cycle as early as possible with maximum output. The earlier the sales cycle is closed, the sooner the firm will earn the revenue. A Harvard University study suggests that 25% of sales cycles take 7 months or longer… Read more »

What is Sales Enablement and why do you need it?

Sales enablement is a concept that’s not alien to us sales people today. Every organization has a department which relates to some kind of sales enablement but this does not mean that it’s a highly sophisticated technical word. In fact, the concept of sales enablement is a very common one which serves the interests of… Read more »