What is Sales Enablement and why do you need it?

Sales enablement is a concept that’s not alien to us sales people today. Every organization has a department which relates to some kind of sales enablement but this does not mean that it’s a highly sophisticated technical word. In fact, the concept of sales enablement is a very common one which serves the interests of different sales people diversely.

Brainshark defines sales enablement as, “A systematic approach to increasing sales productivity by supporting reps with the content, training and analytics they need to have more successful sales conversations”. This definition is spot on because it targets the one thing necessary to take on the sales process that is “Conversation”, as communication is the most important factor in any sales process.

Sales Enablement is a smooth blend of sales and marketing aimed at bringing more business into the company.

Now, the first and the foremost thing is training your sales staff in the right selling practices. This is important for their personal grooming and also enables them to fulfill the client’s needs in the best way possible. The sales reps are supposed to be trained in both sales and marketing practices because one without the other is far less effective. You need to have resources such as proper content which helps your reps learn and become better as they see and hear the strategies. You can also use these to train your customers in the same practices which they can further use to strengthen their companies and in turn, increase the value of yours.

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Sales enablement

Secondly, sales enablement helps you in improving the quality and hiring of your sales team. It means that you are able to find the right people for the right job when your goals are clear to you. By using these practices, you can make sure your positions are full as you need a full-fledged team to operate in full swing. You then provide them with the right tools and technology like CRM, IPs etc to structure and process the data at hand which further enhances your sales process.

Finally, sales enablement is about assessing your sales team to know about the efforts of your team. This helps you min max their performance in accordance to their work input and success rate. By assessing them, we make sure they’re giving it their 100% and are committed to their work. Its main aim is to game-ify the complete sales process where reps can compare their performance with their colleagues’ and strive to be the best in the game.
All of these things when brought together sum up the role of sales enablement and increases sales productivity by increasing the conversion rate and enhancing your sales team’s performance. That is the soul of sales enablement which makes it very important. So whether or not you want a sales enablement department in your company, you’ve got to have it.

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Sales enablement’s goal is to ensure that every seller has the required knowledge, skills, processes and behaviors to optimize every interaction with buyers.

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