Sales Enablement Jobs: Life of a sales enablement professional.

Sales managers are often asked about the nature of sales enablement jobs and the duties of sales enablement professionals. They want to know why these jobs are higher paying and much valued as compared to the job of a simple sales rep. Well, the answer isn’t a very difficult one.

As discussed in our previous blog in the sales enablement series, “Sales Enablement is a smooth blend of sales and marketing aimed at bringing more business into the company” which means that a sales enablement representative performs the functions of both marketing and sales along with some extra duties such as content creation, sales training and identifying opportunities for selling across different platforms.

Sales enablement jobs are tough & time intensive yet they present interesting challenges worth investing time in.

The job of a sales enablement manager is somewhat similar to that of a sales team’s head or a marketing head in many aspects. They plan ahead and enhance the performance of their team along with setting the ground for the sales team by sending out valuable information in the form of performance charts, prospect-facing information material, case studies etc. People carrying out sales enablement jobs are the jacks of all trades. They’re more like evolved sales people which gives them an upper hand in the sales genre.

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Sales Enablement Jobs

Moreover, the number of people working in the sales enablement department is far less in comparison with other departments. This small team then leads a large pack of sales reps by providing them with trainings and content to make their lives easier, so to speak. Their roles are diverse yet driven by the same goal, which is to provide the sales team with resources to bring in more business and enhance the lead conversion rate of the company.
Sales enablement jobs require you to have some knowledge and understanding of marketing but you should be able to translate it into how a sales rep would use it too, otherwise it’s meaningless. This way, a sales enablement professional not only understands the seller’s point of view but is also aware of the buyer’s perspective.

In today’s market the quota for sales enablement jobs is increasing by the day.

A sales enablement professional coming from a marketing background needs to be on as many sales calls as possible to get hands on experience. He’s supposed to have amazing marketing skills along with exceptional selling/closing skills. For that, his communication needs to be sublime. The reason for all of this is because a sales enablement professional is the leader of reps and acts as a role model to them. The sales reps look up to them and expects them to solve their problems. That’s what a sales enablement professional should be like and that’s how they lead by example.
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