How to Integrate Sales Engagement in your Organization

Sales engagement conventionally falls under the category of sales. In the earlier times, it was limited to cold calling, follow-ups, product demonstrations and sales pitches. However, in recent times sales teams have taken new initiatives that have given sales engagement a completely new dimension.

Sales Engagement is a new term for solving an age-old problem.

It is about those few critical moments in front of the customers. It is about aiding sales reps to capture their target audience and assuring that their company’s key messages are communicated purposely and effectively.
Robin Dreeke is the author of “It’s Not All About Me”. It’s a must read for all marketers and sales reps. He suggests the following tips to ensure sales engagement in an effective manner.

Customer should know that you won’t take much of their time

The sales rep has to put the customer at ease in order to develop a positive vibe. People are generally very busy these days and feel that a sales rep would suck up their time while trying to market or sell something to them. Setting an agenda or objective for the meeting, along with the time it will take, eases the customer’s thought process. You have to efficiently communicate to the prospect that there is an end in sight, and it is within touching distance.

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Sales Engagement

Effective use of non-verbal gestures
As a stranger, a sales rep has to look non-threating to the prospect. Body posture, facial cues like smiling and a strong handshake gives a positive impression. These are all important nonverbal cues. Successful sales reps know how to utilize these nonverbal cues. Your physical cues contribute a lot when it comes to effective communication.

Slowdown your tempo when you present information

The buyers are unlikely to remember more than 3 things from any conversation with a sales rep. The sales rep should emphasize on those 3 points in a slow and deliberate manner and take a pause to make sure that the buyer understands that these 3 points are critical. This tip aids the sales rep in building engagement with the customer. This concept can also be applied to the information that we include on the presentation slides.

Sales Engagement will drive higher productivity, resulting in more closed deals!

Studies have shown that businesses with a strong sales engagement strategy experience a huge positive impact on their results. This is also for the firms that are new to the business. The customers are genuinely happy with the company; the sales reps is more self-assured and the marketing team makes the most of the improved visibility through sales. Notably, these firms are selling more, thanks to Sales Engagement.

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