How to get better results with Inside Sales Teams

Inside sales is the practice ground for sales reps to test their sales abilities. It takes a lot to perform one of the most intimidating tasks in business, i.e. cold calling, and to turn it into a sales pipeline for the firm. As a sales rep, your job is to close the deal on a winning note. Different sales reps use different techniques to close deals and not every technique would work for everyone. Therefore a sales rep has to look at his skills and abilities and the resources available while making the sales pitch.

An inside sales rep’s foremost task is to understand the psyche of the prospect

We’re going to share the tips of a few inside sales gurus.

Earn the right to sales pitch

A sales rep has to gain the trust of the prospect before making the sales pitch. The sales rep gains this trust by qualifying the prospect, engaging them, overcoming their objections, followingInside Sales up and keeping promises. This trust helps in closing at each stage of the sales cycle. Once the trust is build, the sales rep can make the sales call or can set up a meeting with an outside sales rep.

Make use of a CRM system for Follow ups

We all know how CRM systems are making things easy for sales reps in the business world. It is highly necessary to implement automated CRM software for follow ups and to help sales reps keep an eye on and manage the sales leads at one window. The follow up plan can last for weeks and managing these would be a hectic task. A predetermined workflow schedule with the help of a CRM system keeps reminding the sales reps the right time to approach prospects. This helps in converting more follow ups to sales.

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Inside sales is the secret to success in today’s business environment

Recognize Buying Signals

A successful sales rep knows the importance of recognizing the buying signals from the prospect and thus reacts proactively and drives towards closing the deal. Here are a few signals that a prospect gives when they are interested in buying from you.

  • The prospect keeps asking detailed questions about the product.
  • The prospect talks about the product as if they own it.
  • The prospect asks for personal opinions.
  • The prospect does comprehensive evaluation of your product.
  • The prospect keeps saying yes to the sales rep and shows enthusiasm.

Bonus Tip
Know the value of a pause. After the sales pitch, the key is to stay at a pause and wait for the prospect to answer. Whoever speaks first loses. A few sales reps get all excited and forget to listen. Resist the temptation and wait for the prospect to speak first. This will bring a huge impact on your close ratio.
Business aren’t run on hard work these days, they are run on smart work. Become smart by making the most of these Inside Sales tips that would generate better results for your team.

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