4 Killer Sales Productivity Tools for Inside Sales Professionals!

Sales productivity tools have become the vital ammunition for an inside sales team. Today without having effective sales productivity tools could mean that you are going out in the battle without the weapons to fight it with. Such has been the importance of sales productivity tools, and without it any sales force is not ready to fight!

With the ravishing amount of different inside sales tools and services available, many of the sales professionals are confused with the right set of sales productivity tools to use. However, today we’re coming up with the best 5 killer sales productivity tools, which in our opinion are vital for the performance and development of every inside sales professional.

1. The Phone
It has become the most important tool in today’s world. Everything essentially gets communicated via a direct phone call. Setting up or conducting demonstrations, answering crucial questions or negotiating contract details, the phone continues to be the tool that makes the most impact in a sales stack. And according to many sales people, one of the most effective marketing penetration tools is nothing other than a direct phone call.

Sales Productivity tools

Embracing the right sales productivity tools gives a firm advantage over it competitors

2. Insightpool

Insightpool is a B2B social selling platform for sales teams who want to close deals faster by finding the right social influencers. It is unique because it turns social media into a truly measurable channel for social selling and demand generation. It has features like CRM integration, social profile identification, lead matching and social lead scoring.


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3. Insidesales.com
It is one of the leading sales acceleration platforms. It is for sales managers who want to use analytics to guide hiring, on boarding and sales process acceleration. It helps sales manager in hiring the best sales reps and provides detailed insight into the pipelines of individual sales reps. Its features include advanced learning algorithm, predictive sales performance analytics and real-time call scheduling.

Sales productivity tools increase sales effectiveness

4. Fileboard

Fileboard is becoming the need of modern target oriented inside sales professionals. Professionals who work with insights and data and don’t waste much of their valuable time pursuing the wrong leads. With enlightening customer engagement analytics, Fileboard doesn’t only provide sales professionals with the ability to identify the interested prospects, but it also makes it easier for sales people to reach out to their prospects with different communication features that Fileboard provides. In short, all the ammunition and inventory you need to make sales are combined over at one place!

Use these sales productivity tools that we have carefully selected for you and let us know with your experiences as well!

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