Month: October 2015

Announcement: Fileboard’s Latest Scheduler Helps You Time your Follow-up Perfectly

We have just announced our brand new feature of “Email Scheduler” for prospecting and sales follow-up emailing activities. We at Fileboard recognize the importance of relevancy and timing of your outreach activities to potential prospects, and this latest feature is another update to help you with that. Fileboard already provides sales professionals with deep insights and… Read more »

Infographic on Sales Trends for 2015-16

Selling is usually more focused on the concerns of the buyer, rather than the seller. A successful sales model should accommodate the varying buying behaviors of the consumers rather than ignoring or resisting them. This is a shift for firms that relied on traditional assumptions regarding the buying behavior of the consumer. For over 100… Read more »

Sales Engagement Manager Leads Your Sales Process Success

Just like the name specifies, a sales engagement manager manages your sales engagement by overlooking the whole sales process to make sure you get the best out of a sales deal while safeguarding the interest of his vendor company. When a client has to make a sales deal with some vendor party, the sales engagement… Read more »