Sales Engagement Manager Leads Your Sales Process Success

Just like the name specifies, a sales engagement manager manages your sales engagement by overlooking the whole sales process to make sure you get the best out of a sales deal while safeguarding the interest of his vendor company. When a client has to make a sales deal with some vendor party, the sales engagement manager is the person the vendor party introduces to help you out through the process but, it does not mean he would keep his company’s interest above you. For him, the client is his first priority. He’s someone you can put your faith in while conducting 3rd party interactions.

The role of a sales engagement manager is that of a friend. He makes sure your sales process goes as smooth as possible along with looking over the profitability of his firm. If he sees that something isn’t good for you or isn’t going in your favor, he’s the first one to blow the whistle and notify you of the deed. In fact, they’ll offer you solutions to tackle the problem in the best way possible. Their focus is on the management of the contractual relationship between you and the 3rd party vendor rather than the actual project itself.

Sales engagement manager is a client’s best friend when it comes to 3rd party interactions.

Even though a sales engagement manager has to perform dual roles, they have to do it efficiently by making sure everyone is happy at the end of the process. This is one of the main reasons the engagement management jobs are highly paying and challenging. You need to have a very steady composure in order to perform your duties effectively as a sales engagement manager. We shall now discuss a few responsibilities of an engagement manager to know more about their role.

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Sales Engagement Manager

They are the pivot point between client and the vendor organization:

All the interactions that take place between the client and the 3rd party vendor go through an engagement manager first as they have to make sure no injustice is done to any party. They make sure the contractual agreement is followed properly by both the client and vendor and that the said services/products are delivered against the agreed time, quality, budget etc.

They manage all the available resources at their disposal efficiently:

One of the roles of a sales engagement manager is that they have to manage all the vendor’s resources to give their client the best buying experience. For that, they have to utilize them properly and address any issues which may occur both logistically and financially.

They manage all the conflicts and makes sure they don’t occur again:

Some conflicts might occur when dealing with a 3rd party vendor. Sales engagement manager makes sure they are resolved properly and there’s no bad blood between the client and vendor party. They serve as a peacekeeper for both the parties and has to make sure the process is carried out in the smoothest way possible.

All that being said, we must take note that the sales engagement manager isn’t the person who gets the deal in the first place or has anything to do with the closing. Their concern is to execute the contract and in major case, they comes into action in the post-contract stage. They then look at the potential of bringing in of more business by the client to his vendor organization. An engagement manager isn’t always on duty, their role is to intervene incase of a contractual conflict and overlooking the whole process by giving it a bird’s eye view.

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