Announcement: Fileboard’s Latest Scheduler Helps You Time your Follow-up Perfectly

We have just announced our brand new feature of “Email Scheduler” for prospecting and sales follow-up emailing activities. We at Fileboard recognize the importance of relevancy and timing of your outreach activities to potential prospects, and this latest feature is another update to help you with that.

Fileboard already provides sales professionals with deep insights and interest levels of their prospects. Our new email scheduler takes the work out of timing a sales rep’s follow up. Usually sales reps have to depend on excellent memory and notes to perfect their follow-ups. With our latest email scheduling technology, sales representatives would be able to schedule and automate their follow up emails as well as live meetings while the latest correspondence with their prospects is still fresh in their minds. The hassle of making notes and scheduling a reminder to send out follow-up emails is over!

In short, we are one step closer to make your life easy and your work smart! You can check the press release by following this link:


Hasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital marketing and advertising.