Month: November 2015

Content Marketing Trends of 2015 That You Should Follow

Stock marketers believe in diversity. They believe in investing in different sectors to minimize the chances of financial loss. They take these decisions based on the market trends. It’s very important to follow the trends to grasp knowledge on the current market affairs. Companies churn out stats related to their performance which become a part… Read more »

Turkey Day 2015

5 reasons to be thankful as Inside Sales reps It’s almost that time of year around our American office, and you’re probably just like us, getting ready to go over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s house! Before we leave to go carve some turkey, we’ve put together a list of what we’re… Read more »

How Content Engagement & Tracking Features Are Improving Sales

Marketing these days, whether online or offline is all about building engagement. Consequently, this engagement leads towards desired action, which is the purchase decision of services or products. Before jumping on to Content Engagement, let’s give our readers a brief overview of Content Marketing. Creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and eventually convert… Read more »

How to Implement a Practical Sales Enablement Plan

Sales Enablement encompasses a large part of a Sales manager’s responsibilities. Sales reps are a company’s superheroes, but even Tony Stark needs his Iron Man suit to do his job. Sales reps need comprehensive training, experience, and support to be an effective team member. It’s the responsibility of management to make sure each sales rep is… Read more »

Improved email workflow enables faster and easier emailing

We’ve received lots of feedback from our customers (thanks for that!) about how to improve the email workflow in Fileboard. The #1 challenge was the inability to browse Fileboard while composing an email or scheduling a meeting. Doing so would cause you to lose your email and have to start over. Our product team has been working… Read more »

Are You Still Missing A Sales Library?

How easy it is to find your favorite pair of jeans in a neat and clean wardrobe where everything is organized. Similarly for a sales rep it is equally easy to find a marketing collateral when the entire marketing content is in an organized form. This feature is provided by Fileboard. It is known as… Read more »

Top 8 Engagement Metrics To Monitor in 2016

Engagement Metrics in today’s competitive business environment are a crucial factor in increasing closure rates. As examined in our previous blogs, meaningful conversations with the sales rep is a large influence on customers. Predominately, they expect sales reps to feed them the content that matches their interest at each stage of the buying process. Buyers educated… Read more »