Are You Still Missing A Sales Library?

How easy it is to find your favorite pair of jeans in a neat and clean wardrobe where everything is organized. Similarly for a sales rep it is equally easy to find a marketing collateral when the entire marketing content is in an organized form.

This feature is provided by Fileboard. It is known as the Sales Library. Before jumping on to Sales Library, let’s further discuss marketing collateral, why is it needed and how it can be used. Companies require marketing content to support its primary advertising messages to the customers. This content also delivers important information to channel partners regarding the company’s products or services. The use of digital media has enabled marketing collateral to transform beyond printed material to Web content and point-of-sale electronic devices. It is often called “collateral material” and runs simultaneously to other media that is used to communicate the message.

Marketing collateral is often used after the company has made initial contact with the customer through advertising or any other means. It comes in diverse forms such as follow-up e-mailer, white papers, newsletter, power point, brochures, web blogs as well as electronic displays in retail stores. When it comes to B2B transactions, the marketing content is often called sales collateral.

Sales Library

The Sales Library features enables you to send the right message at the right time to your prospect

Coming back to the topic, the sales library is the complete repository for all relevant sales content in one place. Sales people can search and access all accurate and relevant content. Marketing can control which collateral is used and ensure that a consistent message is delivered. It’s easy to prepare any pitch or presentation using different components such as video, power point slides web pages, etc.

Whenever a client, partner or investor requests for more information, the sale rep starts to look for marketing collateral in different files and folders. Sometimes the content could be the in any other hard drive or USB that won’t be available to the sales rep at that moment in time. We’ve already spoken about the importance of time and timing for the prospect at all stages, specially the initial stage which decides whether or not the prospect would make the purchase decision. Failure to provide the relevant marketing collateral on time can result in the prospect not making the buying decision.

However, with the Sales Library feature of Fileboard, the sales rep can now store all the marketing collateral on cloud storage. No need to search for files in folders or flash drives. All your marketing content is stored in Fileboard’s Sales Library. It creates a central place for all relevant content (ppt, videos, images, etc) and helps the sales rep access content without any hassle to be used in the sales process. Moreover, the sales rep gets to manage access control, customize files and track content versions.

The Sales Library makes locating collateral easy for the sales rep

With the help of the Sales Library feature, the sales rep can now provide relevant marketing collateral to the prospect with the perfect timing. They can share it in the desired format and have the content organized in such a manner that it becomes easy for them to locate the content.

The content can be organized into different folders depending on relevance to the teams, companies or sales reps. Each team can have a folder so that they can easily access the marketing collateral that they have. The collateral can also be segmented in to different folders for different companies. It makes it easy for the sales rep to know what kind of material has to be sent to which company. Lastly, the files could be segmented into folders for each sales rep so that each sales rep knows what content has been and has to be used by them.

Let’s now examine the features of the Sales Library and the benefits associated with them.

Sales Library

Organize and manage content in a central place 

With the help of the Sales Library feature, the sales rep get to access Live Demo Web slide and video functionality. During the Live Demo they can even show videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. They can even add the videos directly to the presentation. This feature enables another hack for the sales rep. They can now add, hide or even delete slides without letting the attendee find out during the meeting. Moreover, they get to change the slide order according the situation of the demo. The Advanced Search feature makes it easy for them locate items quickly and save precious time. Tagging content by keywords/folder/territory or deal stage makes this search further easy and meaningful. The simple search interface even searches the content of documents. The sales rep can even manage the access permissions on content based on different profiles. This feature results in increased collaboration on pitches: as they sales rep can grab any slide and content from the sales library to build the best pitches on the go.

Sync Collateral

The sales rep gets to access up-to-date collateral and content in one place. There’s no need to recreate an entire presentation per prospect. The sales rep can use different slides from different documents.

Control over collateral

This feature gives the sales rep the ability to modify the file even after it was shared with others. The sales rep can now modify the file according to changes based on customer behavior.

Control over file navigation

The sales rep makes the viewer go through those stages of the presentation that are relevant to him/her, especially when links are involved, so that customers can click and explore the links provided instead of going to the next slide. The sales rep can skip certain parts of the presentation without the viewer noticing it. This way the sales reps get to guide customers through the story the way they want them to experience it.

Advanced security

Sales library makes sure that the content is safe and secure by introducing features such as auto-expiring files, passcodes, roll-call. Single authentication with Salesforce makes the content more secure.
The Sales Library features enables you to send the right message at the right time to your prospect. It allows sales rep to save time, as 90% of marketing content goes unused, they spend x% in recreating existing content.

Hasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital marketing and advertising.