5 Things to be Grateful for as an Inside Sales Rep

The shift from Outside Sales to Inside Sales has grown drastically in the last few years. Interestingly, this is more visible in corporations and industries that have conventionally relied heavily on Outside Sales teams.

For many years Inside Sales reps were tucked away in the darker corners of the office, while their Outside Sales colleagues were in the limelight. Outside Sales was high-paying and fast paced, and their contributions were valued highly by the organization. Suddenly the internet revolutionized sales, and the interaction of buyers and sellers completely changed, forcing companies to find new ways to connect with leads and generate revenue.

Inside Sales is extremely cost-effective in practice. While many companies believe that more face time with prospects eventually drives greater profits and increases closing rates, that no longer holds true, and Inside Sales teams prove this with each passing day.

The perks and benefits of Inside Sales have attracted many top professionals

Employers are adding numerous Inside Sales positions to their workforce. Job searchers are finding that only a limited number of Outside Sales jobs still exist, while the majority are related to Inside Sales. What are the largest benefits to Inside Sales? While some reps have their own list of reasons, here are our common beliefs about why Inside Sales reps enjoy their profession.

Access to Analytics

Numbers make life easy for Inside Sales reps. Customer engagement stats help reps modify their actions according to their prospect’s interest. Ultimately, engagement shortens the sales cycle and saves everyone a lot of time. Deals are closed quicker and the sales reps have more time to spend on other prospects. These analytics make the sales cycle more predictable and add clarity to the uncertain nature of sales. Inside Sales reps can now ascertain what kind of content that the prospect wants, the interest in that content, and how often does a prospect look through that content.

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Outside Sales reps frequently have an easier task during sales pitches. They can read facial cues and develop responses to gauge engagement. What about the Inside Sales rep pitching online through a Powerpoint presentation, or when your prospect is staring at their laptop? Through these analytics, Inside Sales reps can figure out the prospect’s engagement, and skip the boring slides to focus on the intriguing parts of the pitch.

Travel (or lack thereof) 

Inside sales rep don’t follow the conventional practices of Outside Sales reps involving leaving work to meet with prospects. They save themselves and their companies the travel costs and more importantly the time lost during travel. They can work from their office or their homes, all they need is an internet connection. Thanks to the digital revolution, an Inside Sales rep could theoretically work from almost every corner of the world. Traveling consumes a lot of energy, and it is very important to interact with the prospects with an exciting and motivating demeanor. A dull, boring and tired sales rep will not influence a prospect as much as an energized and motivated sales rep would.

Benefits provided to inside sales reps now outweigh those provided to Outside Sales reps

Inside Sales

Casual Work Environment

Inside Sales positions are fast paced and involve high levels of stress and very dynamic environments. Employers understand that these factors can form a work environment that either results in employees quitting or experiencing below par results.

To help overcome and eradicate these negative factors, most employers who employ teams of Inside Sales reps strive to establish a casual work environment. This includes a relaxed dress code, creating an atmosphere similar to a home or cafe with less institutional looking furniture and more stress relieving activities. Modern offices are now equipped with on-site gyms, pool tables, and relaxation rooms designed with the objective to increase employee happiness, and in turn, retention.

Direct and timely feedback

Sales managers have been listening to their reps phone calls for years. While some may consider this intrusive, it helps managers with experience identify how their reps need improvement in their sales calls. Apart from listening to phone conversations of employees, Inside Sales managers get to spend more time with their teams during the work hours. This gives Inside Sales managers time to train them, reinforce company initiatives and, most importantly, provide immediate positive feedback and recognition when an employee meets his targets and performs exceptionally well.

More Outreach in Less Time

Inside Sales reps have the luxury to reach out to a larger audience faster than Outside Sales can. With new sales automation platforms, many of the sales and outreach related tasks are becoming automated. In the time it takes a field sales professional to reach out to one prospect personally, an Inside Sales rep can use that time to reach out to 10 or even 100 prospects.

With the current competition in the industry, it’s tough to manage the expenses spent in the field sales process. Companies and SDRs are grateful for the ability to reach out to prospects and make deals without the hassle and expense of traveling, business dinners, and physical meetings. Deploy your own Inside Sales team and start selling!

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