Don’t Be Boring In Your Live Meetings. KNOW Your Prospects!

There’s plenty of perks to remote sales, but its hard to ignore the problems and challenges inherent to Inside Sales. When we eliminate face to face meetings and the human element, we lose quite a few indicators about the prospects we’re communicating with.

Sales experts believe that it’s critical to understand the psychology of our prospects; what they’re thinking and paying attention to. We should understand how they are communicating: Are they feeling comfortable? What’s their mood? Sales pros can predict the outcome of a meeting based on the body language of the prospect.

With Inside sales, we all but lose the body language indicators critical to this method of selling, and the inflection and tone of our prospects voice can get lost in the 1s and 0s speeding at us through the internet. Our company is predicated on a solution to this problem. Imagine seeing the exact slides and pages your prospect focuses on, and how long they spend reading material you send them. In a remote call you can’t tell if they’re even looking at your presentation, but with Fileboard, you can see if they’re actually paying attention. If you noticed they left your page during a live meeting, you can use a question or a joke to bring their attention back.

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Engagement analytics and attention scoring bridge the gap between Inside and Outside Sales. Advanced SaaS companies and marketing departments for Palo Alto Networks, Rogers Communications, Reddit and Buzzfeed now implement Inside Sales strategies with engagement insights at their core.

Live Meeting Analytics

Fileboard’s Live Meeting Analytics

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Understanding your prospect’s digital body language is necessary to allocate your time for the most promising customers. Learning the approximate attention level of particular prospects tells you which ones to follow up with immediately.

With a professional sales communication service, you’ll know exactly when a prospect has left your sales meeting environment, and is browsing something else. With this information, you have more control over their engagement, and can tell when and how to bring them back to your meeting. Don’t rely on luck and intuition, use real-time reports to conduct your sales meetings.

It becomes impossible in a live meeting to detect what intrigue’s your prospect

Live Meeting Analytics

This screenshot shows how a sales rep can view every customer’s engagement statistics. Besides the Engagement score and Attention level, the slide activity allows you to see which pages or slides the prospect spent the most time on. This clearly indicates which content your prospect is interested in. Use this information to know who to follow up with, when to follow up, and what to sell.

Imagine a whole team using engagement analytics and knowing how to personally target each prospect. Your sales collateral could be improved and specialized after every sales encounter based how how your prospects interact with it.

This is the future of sales and sales conversations. The hard work & frustration of forecasting, intuition and guesswork can be eliminated with hard data of what your customers want. With tough competition in the market, the sales industry is becoming more intelligent and using smart tools to gain an edge. Identify what your buyers want to know with Fileboard, and solve your growth problems!

Work smart with your prospects & enrich your live meetings with engagement data!

Hasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital marketing and advertising.