Month: February 2016

Fileboard Secures Funding from Lighter Capital!

Fileboard is pleased to announce that we’ve secured a new source of funding with Lighter Capital. We’re delighted to work with them to help sales teams across the globe sell smarter. “Recent studies have shown that Fileboard is the strongest contender in our market, but that we need to increase our awareness” says Khuram Hussain,… Read more »

New to Sales Development? Data & Analytics are your new best friends.

Sales development is hot these days. To get with the program, you had better be tech savvy. Sales Devs don’t just find contact info for leads and follow up, full intelligent processes and systems have been developed to complement traditional pipeline management. This field represents a new frontier of study, with competing strategies to get… Read more »

7 Secrets Master Salespeople Use Daily (and 9 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid!)

Who are the superstar salespeople you admire? Is it David Ogilvy, who literally wrote the manual on selling, or Dale Carnegie who convinced you it was possible to win friends and influence people? Whoever your sales icons are, they weren’t born overnight. It took years of finely tuning their skills to become the amazing salespeople… Read more »