Month: April 2016

Create a Foolproof Sales Plan – the Route to Success

You’re a business owner, and you’re baffled. You’ve got your quarterly sales targets, defined your end-of-year goals and put a skilful, enthusiastic sales team in place. Why, then, is your business missing out on sales? It could very well be because you don’t have a sales plan. It’s all very well having targets, but if… Read more »

6 Powerful Mind & Body Hacks To Boost Your Sales Performance

Maintaining a kick-ass sales performance isn’t easy. Unlike most jobs, sales is high pressure, high risk, and high reward. As a sales rep, you’re like the special forces of the corporate world; able to adapt to any situation, quick on your feet, and as smooth as a fish underwater when under pressure. But despite being… Read more »

10 Sales Skills only Successful Sales Reps know

All other factors equal, a salesperson’s race to make quota becomes a test of their sales skills. However, some salespeople seem to be able to acquire more leads and customers and have an uncanny ability to get more done. Even when juggling multiple priorities and clients, they can get everything done. How do they do… Read more »

How To Follow Up Leads and Convert Them into Buyers

Leads. Follow up. Sales. More money. As a sales rep, you want to have all of them. If possible, at the same time. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. In fact, if you read this article from start to finish, you’ll see the possibility. However, make sure you’ve perfected your follow up system…. Read more »

How to Improve Sales Outreach & Make the Most of Your B2B Database

This guest post was written by Rachel Martinez at ZoomInfo. Sales professionals often want to focus on closing the deal. And why wouldn’t they? This step is where the money comes in, after all. It’s also arguably the most exciting stage of the sales cycle, and when you succeed, it can feel like you’re making… Read more »

Sales Tactics: double down on the one that works

Finding sales tactics that consistently deliver results is hard. Many startups run out of capital before acquiring the knowledge they would have needed to scale ― or even to make one sale. For employees of established companies with a larger runway, the challenge is less one of survival and more one of optimisation. Sales reps… Read more »