Month: June 2016

13 Seriously Great Books To Boost Your Sales Motivation and Skills

There’s more than one way to boost your sales motivation. You can work on sharpening your sales skills, tracking and celebrating your progress, or focusing on the positive impact of the product/service you’re selling. However, you’re probably doing enough of all these already. That’s why we’d like to suggest a powerful alternative for boosting motivation:… Read more »

8 non-manipulative sales tactics that will blow your mind

Selling is an art, no doubt about it. The best thing about it is that is doesn’t have to be a soft shoe, toe-tapping, verbally acrobatic performance. The true art of salesmanship is all about the customer and creating a relationship with them. That’s why we’ve collected 8 non-manipulative sales tactics that will blow your… Read more »

Motivational Sales Quotes Aren’t Enough (The Truth About Motivating Salespeople)

We’ve seen them plastered all over office walls, pasted all over the internet, and repeatedly recited by sales coaches…but motivational sales quotes aren’t enough. Here’s why: The largest marketing investment for most B2B companies is… Sales reps. According to the Harvard Business Review, U.S. companies alone spend more than $800 billion on sales force compensation… Read more »

How to Refine Your Sales Process

Unless your product literally sells itself, you’ve likely broken your sales process down into a number of segments. While your particular sales cycle may vary depending on your firm’s needs and offerings, the six basic  elements are: Prospecting Preparation Getting the appointment Presentation Answering objections Follow up Creating templates and checklists for your sales representatives can… Read more »

20 Closing Techniques to Maximize Odds of Making a Sale

Closing a deal might happen 4 minutes after the first pitch or 4 months later. It’s up to you to convince the lead that they’ve made the right choice. The following is a compilation of 20 different ways to close a sale. Go ahead and use a few of these techniques to suit your own personality, brand, and… Read more »