13 Seriously Great Books To Boost Your Sales Motivation and Skills

13 Seriously Great Books To Boost Your Sales Motivation - Fileboard

There’s more than one way to boost your sales motivation. You can work on sharpening your sales skills, tracking and celebrating your progress, or focusing on the positive impact of the product/service you’re selling.

However, you’re probably doing enough of all these already. That’s why we’d like to suggest a powerful alternative for boosting motivation: reading. It can calm you down and lower stress, while simultaneously revitalizing your mind.

Fileboard’s selection of 13 excellent sales motivation books

We know your days are long and filled with hard work (ours are too!) so treat a good sales book like taking an extra college class, only to make you better at your job. If you’re starting to get a little burnt out, the right book can be all it takes to get your sales motivation back. So, what should you spend your time reading for the highest motivational return?

1.  Ignite Your Selling Potential: 7 Simple Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results Fast

sales motivation

Ignite Your Selling Potential by Susan A. Lund is an outstanding book for any sales rep. Susan Lund paves a clear, concise, and strategic roadmap that keeps you laser focused on the most important sales goals and objectives.

Unlike a ton of other sales books, Susan doesn’t just spout how-to tips and leave implementation and analysis to you. By combining sales exercises with her online sales potential assessment tool, her book takes you on a growth journey. Which means you’ll have an executable strategy that’s tailored to your sales skills after reading.

2.  Little Red Book of Selling

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

For a book that easily fits in your back pocket, Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book Of Selling packs a sales punch.

Easy to understand, simple to implement and bluntly written, Jeffrey takes a tough love approach to sales advice. If you’re looking for a battle-tested book that can make a difference to your sales with actionable tips and strategies, this is it.

The book is broken down into bitesize chunks and can be dipped into or read from cover to cover. Gitomer covers the whole sales process; but the best parts of the book show you how to creatively kick your own ass and lift your sales motivation.

3. The 7 Triggers to Yes: The New Science Behind Influencing People’s Decisions

The 7 Triggers to Yes - The New Science Behind Influencing People’s Decisions by Russell Granger

Aristotle famously concluded that logic – which refers to the use of facts and reason – is the most effective method of persuasion.

In The 7 Triggers To Yes, Russell Granger dives beyond the conventional logical approach to selling and shows why he was wrong…

As a persuasive tool, logic is dwarfed by emotion. Studies confirm that the emotional appeal of products/services is what actually sways people to spend their hard-earned money. But how do you appeal to and trigger that emotional side of the brain to enhance persuasion?

That’s what Russell Granger answers with scientific research, case studies, and breakthrough neuroscience findings.

4. The Game

The Game by Neil Strauss

Can a book about the world of pickup artists actually help you deal with quotas breathing down your neck?

If The Game  by Neil Strauss has transformed “chick repellants” into “babe magnets”, it can certainly evolve scrawny sellers into confident closers. In fact, the pickup artist’s process is similar to that of the salesman’s:

  • Opening/ introducing yourself
  • Holding your prospect’s attention by having valuable and meaningful interactions that leave a positive impression
  • Closing. Getting your prospect to say yes.

Most of the advice in this book translates smoothly to the sales world. For example, one chapter describes the process that gets nervous guys comfortable around women:

“It involved simply showering, putting on nice clothes, going to the nearest shopping center, and smiling and saying “hi” to every woman who passed by. Many AFCs (average frustrated chumps) found that this not only helped them overcome their shyness, but that some women actually stopped to talk.”

Nervous sales reps can tailor this to the sales process to overcome anxiety and strategically boost sales performance.

Insteading of thinking about closing every lead, they can focus on just getting a prospect to say yes to receiving a presentation, or information booklet. Once they’re comfortable getting that first yes, they can move onto closing and getting the prospect to sign on the dotted line.

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Are you that one out of a million sales reps that hasn’t heard about this legendary book?

If that’s the case, stop what you’re doing and order it!

Probably one of the most recognized sales books in the world, How To Win Friends And Influence People  by Dale Carnegie deals with underrated, but game changing sales skills:

Making friends, building relationships, and basically getting people to like you.

This book is all about ethically building trust and warmth between people, and it can soar your sales skills. Not only does it include plenty of customer relationship exercises, but specific real life examples of how they’ve worked to secure profitable deals.

Take the story of wholesale baking firm owner, Henry Duvernoy for example.

Among his many endeavours to sell bread and other baked goods to a certain hotel, Henry had called the manager every week for 4 years straight. He went to the same social gatherings as him. He even took rooms in the hotel to get business. But he still failed.

Eventually he changed his approach.

Henry decided to find out what caught the manager’s enthusiasm, what aroused his interest.

He discovered that the manager was the president of a society for hotel executives, and that no matter how far the meetings were, he’d always be there to speak with bubbling enthusiasm about the society.

So the next time he met the manager, that was what he spoke about.

His response?

After 4 years of weekly rejection, the manager had a vibrant, passion filled 30 minute conversation with Henry. Before he left the office he had also “sold” him on his society. Meanwhile, not a word was said about bread.
But a few days later…the manager invited Henry to come over with some samples and prices.

Whether you’re selling bread, or services online, the story above shows the power of having great relationship and social skills. And that’s exactly what this book aims to teach you.


6. Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel

Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel by John Carlton

Available only from John’s site, more pricey than your average marketing/copywriting book, it is worth every single penny.

John Carlton’s Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets  is crammed with secret treasures from a battle-tested marketing veteran. John’s infectious writing style leaps out the pages and into your brain while drilling you with actionable pearls of copywriting and sales wisdom that are guaranteed to bolster your sales chops and motivation.

7. The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco

This book  may sound like something out of a get rich quick ad, but it’s quite the opposite. Mj Demarco, who describes himself as an “anti-guru” that delivers “anti-advice”, writes about business mathematics and rapid wealth creation.

Even if you’re not interested in building a profitable business, MJ’s book reinforces the fact that the market dictates demand. That “getting rich” is not about scammy selling and shoddy products, but about producing value, and benefiting others to the point where they want to give you money.

Mj’s book is a true diamond in the dirt and is an essential read for putting some sales “oomph” into you.

8. Presentation Zen

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds aims to destroy your destructive habits and have you approach presentations differently. From preparation to design to delivery, this book will take you from an amateur presenter to a smooth professional capable of communicating with audiences with a persuasive prowess.

9. The Psychology Of Influence And Persuasion

The Psychology Of Influence And Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence by Robert B. Cialdini is an excellent tool for understanding and applying human nature and psychology to your marketing. Filled with shockingly insightful case studies that’ll keep your eyebrows raised, it’s definitely a lethal weapon to be holstered in your marketing arsenal.

10. Age Of Propaganda

Age Of Propaganda by Anthony Pratkanis

A study documented in “Age of Propaganda”  tested the influence of certain words on eyewitness testimonies.

Subjects were shown a film depicting multiple car accidents. After watching, they were asked “About how fast were the cars going when they smashed into each other?” Other subjects were then asked the same question, but with the word “smashed” replaced by:

  • Contacted
  • Hit
  • Bumped
  • Collided

The results are as follows:

Influence of certain words on eyewitness testimonies

The more loaded the verb used was, the higher the estimated speed from the witness.

Furthermore, the study found when using a more presumptive word and question, people were more likely to state that there was broken glass at the accident…even though there was no broken glass present!

Using a more presumptive word and question influences people

That’s just a small example of the mind blowing persuasion studies in Age Of Propaganda. If you want more practical information on influence and persuasion, grab a copy of this book.


11. Thinking Fast and Slow

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow  by Daniel Kahneman summarises the latest psychological research on human judgement, in particular how we think irrationally, jump to conclusions and fall prey to failures of intuition.

Kahneman’s style is exceptionally clear and actually engaging; sprinkled throughout are snippets of gentle humor and insightful exercises that will make you go “wow”.

If you’re even remotely interested in the brain, thought-processes, and decision-making, Thinking, Fast and Slow needs to be on your reading list.

12. The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople by Stephan Schiffman

Most of the books in this list lean to the slightly advanced rep. In The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople Stephan Schiffman focuses on the essentials of sales and is a great read for beginner reps trying to wrap their heads around the basics.

13. Growth Juice: How To Grow Your Sales

Growth Juice - How To Grow Your Sales by John A. Weber

Growth Juice by John A. Weber is a refreshing change to your average “suit and tie” sales book. Chapters are short and concise, and hold your interest. And in addition to equipping the reader with the tactics for handling even the messiest sales situations, the chapters are layered with interesting storylines and characters.