Month: July 2016

12 Must Have Sales Skills

Polish Your Sales Skills for Maximum Performance You can put a hundred different selling techniques in your toolbox, but it still takes practice and attention to become skilled at sales.  Musicians, athletes, race car drivers—you name it—weren’t born with their skills, they mastered them with practice and hard work. To rise to the top, practice… Read more »

Sales Prospecting 101: How to Grow and Nurture Leads

Learn how to define and master Sales Prospecting. Sales prospecting includes compiling lists of contact information, building a social media presence, collecting opt-in emails, and sending out email campaigns to encourage responses. Basically, the idea of sales prospecting is to build a rich source of contacts for your sales team and processes. Then, depending on… Read more »

30 Ways To Boost Sales Motivation and Performance

You’ve noticed them too, haven’t you? Those reps whose can perform no matter what, whose sales motivation never falters… They’re at the top of almost every quarterly competition, and never seem to lack sales motivation and sink below their targets. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “how do they do it?” There’s a… Read more »

14 No-Fail Sales Follow Up Email Strategies

What if you had the ultimate sales follow up email formula? It takes an average of five follow ups to close a sale, according to Sapph Li from the Art of Emails. Let’s imagine leaving a meeting, sending an email, and instantly getting a response. If you could shoot an email to a cold lead… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts for Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling is one of the most difficult tasks facing any salesperson. With a few tips and examples cold calling scripts, you can learn to excel at cold calling. If we had to boil down to just five tidbits of advice on cold calling, they would be: Don’t intrude ask for a few minutes of… Read more »

10 Expert Sales Techniques Top Sellers are Using in 2016

We all need a quick refresher every once in awhile. Sometimes our sales processes can get so convoluted or mixed up in other activities, that getting a quick reminder of the basics can really help. That’s why we’ve put together 10 Expert Sales Techniques that should always stay at the core of your sales process…. Read more »

How to Become the Most Productive Sales Rep (Hint: Coffee!)

As sales representatives, energy is worth its weight in gold to us. When I worked in retail as a sales associate, I valued the power of a cup of coffee more than food in the mornings. We usually associate coffee with caffeine and therefore energy, but coffee does a lot a more for you than… Read more »