How to Become the Most Productive Sales Rep (Hint: Coffee!)

As sales representatives, energy is worth its weight in gold to us. When I worked in retail as a sales associate, I valued the power of a cup of coffee more than food in the mornings. We usually associate coffee with caffeine and therefore energy, but coffee does a lot a more for you than simply wake you up in the mornings.

Today I’ll show you the science behind coffee and why it’s going to make you the most productive sales rep you’ll ever be. Then we’ll look at an infographic that will show you even more amazing facts about coffee and what it can do for you.

The Hidden Power of Coffee For Productivity (Infographic)


Let’s say you’re looking at today’s blogging sites for yourself or for a company. You start thinking about all the work that goes into building one and maintaining it, along with the social media involved, and then you start to feel tired.

That’s when you reach for the coffee. Not only does this stuff wake you up and give you a boost, it also makes you more focused, creative, and productive, but it also offers health benefits on top of it all.

When it comes down to it, sales quotas on their own aren’t enough to motivate workers. You need to offer something greater to motivate them both physically and mentally. Check out the infographic below to find out why coffee is the thing you need.

Infographic: the benefits of coffee for health and productivity

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