30 Ways To Boost Sales Motivation and Performance

30 ways to boost sales motivation and performance - Fileboard

You’ve noticed them too, haven’t you? Those reps whose can perform no matter what, whose sales motivation never falters…

They’re at the top of almost every quarterly competition, and never seem to lack sales motivation and sink below their targets. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “how do they do it?

There’s a lot of pressure on reps to maintain sales motivation, “dig deep”, and perform their best. But with constant exposure to rejection and success-starved endeavours, it’s easier said than done.

That’s why today’s post will cover 31 ways to lift your sales motivation levels and boost performance. If you know a rep who’s at the top of his game, chances are he’s doing the things on this list.

Seriously, consider bookmarking or printing this page. If you ever need a quick boost or feel your performance is subpar, you can stop by and refuel your sales motivation.

Let’s get started.

Boost your sales motivation every day of the month

1. Strip Away Unnecessary Activities

Strip away unnecessary sales activities - Fileboard

You don’t really need to spend hours making sure a list of prospect details are correct. That can be delegated. Wouldn’t meeting new leads or doing a product demo be a higher return on your time?

Your guiding philosophy should be to do as little as possible that takes you away from sales. This doesn’t mean slacking on your sales tasks. It means stripping away tasks that aren’t essential and making room for your most important activities.

This will stabilize your focus and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

2. Batch Your Tasks Together

Batching describes the act of grouping similar tasks together instead of hopping to and fro. Why use batching?

  • It reduces transition time. Whenever you start a task, it takes you a few seconds or minutes to get your mental bearings – especially if you’re transitioning to a completely different sales task. You need to figure out where you stand, what needs to be done, and where you’ll start. Batching kills the complexity that task switching creates. You focus on one task, which reduces all potential transition time wastage.
  • You work faster. Changing your focus multiple times slows you down. Every time you switch your focus, you block any momentum you’ve built up and prevent yourself from getting in the zone.
  • Batching tasks together is a more efficient use of energy. It helps your brain get into a pattern, which boosts speed and reduces tension.

3. Get Coaching To Strengthen Your Weak Points

Are you great at closing, but find it hard to open? Or do you find building rapport with prospects easy, but closing the deal impossible?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a super sales rep. Everyone has sales skills that could be sharpened.

That’s what makes getting a sales coach a wise investment. You get to target the specific sales skills that you feel less able in. Not only will this upgrade your skills and make you an overall stronger salesman, it will also instill more confidence in you, because you won’t be dripping with nervous sweat when you need to perform.

4. Do Some Doodling

Do something doodling - Fileboard

Sounds odd doesn’t it?

But at times, rules, regulations and emotional baggage can weigh you down and stifle your sales motivation.

In her book The Doodle Revolution, Sunni Brown says that doodling helps you focus by “anchoring” a task. Especially when it comes to things that require attention for extended periods of time. Things like lectures, meetings, calls and writing.

We think doodling is something you do when you lose focus, but it’s really a preemptive measure to stop you from losing focus

Find yourself feeling mentally clogged up? Grab a pen and blank paper. Let your thoughts flow freely.

5. Find a Secretary or Delegate

If you’re a super busy rep, and you’ve got a mountain of leads to chase up, you’re losing out by hopping between different tasks. Hiring a secretary or appointment setter will give you more flexibility and time to actually make more sales.

6. Review Your Sales Performance Regularly

Regardless of what field you’re in, all high performers have in common a self-critical eye that constantly analyzes how they perform.

If you want to secure more sales and sharpen your selling chops, you need to regularly review and analyze your sales performance. Keep track of your sales numbers, record your conversations with customers, study your successful and unsuccessful pitches, and experiment with different sales tactics.

Even if you did this once a month, imagine the leap your sales performance will make after a year.

7. Avoid Multi Tasking

Researchers at Stanford University compared groups of people based on their tendency to multitask and their belief that it helps performance. Their findings were jarring to self proclaimed multi taskers…

Heavy multitaskers – those who multitask often and feel it boosts their performance – were actually worse at multitasking than those who like to do single tasks at a time. They performed worse because they had more trouble arranging their thoughts and filtering out unnecessary information, and they were slower at switching from one task to another.

So the next time you’re juggling multiple sales tasks at once, stop.

8. Instantly Feel More Confident With Power Poses

Did you know that physical cues “trick” your body into feeling more confident and calm?

Amy cuddy, a body language and hormone scientist, has broken down these physical cues into “power poses”.

High power poses are more relaxed, dominant and slightly assertive. While low power poses are guarded and withdrawn.

One test asked subjects to maintain each pose for 2 minutes, and measured their testosterone and cortisol levels. The results were shocking: High power poses increased testosterone by 20% and dropped cortisol levels by 25%.

Higher levels of testosterone – in both men and women – lead to higher levels of confidence and happiness. And lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone) lead to a stronger ability to deal with stress and pressure.

Instantly feel more confident with power poses - Fileboard

Before giving a pitch or talking on the phone with a prospect, give the above power poses a try. They’ll coax your body into feeling more calm and confident.

9. Use Deadlines To Enhance Productivity

The less time you have to do something, the faster you’ll get it done.

When you don’t have a deadline, it’s tempting to think that you can do things later.

After creating one, you’re forced to complete your work in a given time frame, which will increase your chances of getting it done quicker.

10. Keep Your Brain Hydrated And Sharp

Keep your brain hydrated and sharp - Fileboard

People often overlook how hydration impacts productivity.

Even slight dehydration alters the way we think. In fact, a 2012 University of Connecticut study found that mild dehydration (1 to 2%) caused a decrease in cognitive ability.

The study found people were more likely to experience difficulty performing mental tasks, specifically “in areas of vigilance and working memory.” Participants were also more likely to experience anxiety due to mild-to-moderate dehydration.

Dehydration will cause your sales motivation to plummet and your brain to soften, which isn’t ideal for a stellar sales performance. So be sure to stay topped up with plenty of H20.

11. Instantly Boost Selling Power With These Power Words

It’s a well-known fact that certain words pack more of a punch than others. That’s why you should use these proven power words to instantly boost your sales performance:

  • Free
  • Now
  • New
  • You
  • Imagine

For more information about these persuasive power words, check out our post here.

12. Harness The Power Of Emotions For Stronger Selling

Research shows that:

  • Consumers base their buying decisions primarily on personal feelings and experiences rather than facts, features and attributes.
  • When it comes to consumers buying products, the emotional response to an ad is one of the greatest influencers.

The more you engage your prospect’s emotions, the higher the chance he’ll buy. To level up the emotional magnitude of your sales activities:

  • Use case studies and testimonials. Show how you’ve helped customers who are similar to the person you’re selling to
  • Use the power words we mentioned earlier.
  • Ask questions. This creates a conversation and almost forces your prospect to interact.

13. Get eight hours of sleep a night

Arianna Huffington, Google chairman Eric Schmidt, and Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos have all stated the importance of being well-rested.

Sales isn’t a low energy job. It requires alertness, energy, and quick thinking. To immunise yourself against energy crashes, negativity and sloth-slow mental performance, prioritise that sweet 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night.

14. Wake Your Brain With Cinnamon

Numerous studies have shown the scent of cinnamon can boost brainpower. Just a small whiff can lead to higher energy, focus, and alertness. Making it an ideal way to pump up for intense bouts of selling.

15. Replace Coffee With Lemon Water

Replace coffee with lemon water - Fileboard

When your energy feels like it’s starting to whimper, what’s the first thing that sprouts to mind?

Coffee, right?

But coffee isn’t the healthiest – or most effective – option. If you want to kick your sales performance into gear and wake yourself up, opt for lemon water. It’s bursting with benefits and doesn’t come with an afternoon energy crash. Not only does it:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Aid digestion
  • Keep your skin healthy
  • Speed up weight loss

It is also rich in potassium, which improves brain and nerve functions.

16. Use The Same Language as Your Customers

Facebook has close to 4 million complaint related conversations a week. To combat this, they aimed to get people communicating with each other instead of sending anonymous complaints. So they tweaked their reporting message around one main persona.

They honed in on teenagers of both genders to understand what the biggest problem was when reporting a post.

After talking to multiple teenage users, they found the word “report” triggered friction among teenagers. Teens didn’t want to feel like they were getting friends in trouble.

After changing the report button to “this post is a problem”, people were more comfortable with complaints, and communicated better.

How would you like your prospect to feel when you pitch?

Would you:

  • Like them to consider you as someone who understands their needs, and speaks the same language as them?
  • Or a third party, brashly nudging its way into the conversation to sell them something?

Using the right language is key to building trust and getting prospects to open up. Boost your sales performance by knowing the language that your prospects use.

17. Balance Energy For Complex and Simple Tasks

It’s difficult to perform complex sales tasks all day, and chances are that you won’t.

If you want to boost your sales motivation and maintain a solid performance, you need to plan for higher value tasks and low value tasks.

Cramming your peak energy times with low value tasks will kill your productivity. It’s no good filling your morning with mundane office work, only to leave little energy for actual selling.

18. Use The “So What” Test

The “so what” test is a copywriting hack that can quickly improve your sales performance. It forces you to look at how your product benefits your prospect. Then explain those benefits to your prospect in a persuasive manner.

Here’s how the “so what” test works:

Let’s say this is part of your pitch for an ergonomically enhanced drill…

Our new drill has extended battery life, lighter weight, and a solid flashlight.”

Now let’s apply the “so what” test:

The new drill has an extended battery life, so you don’t have to constantly charge and can get work done quicker. Lighter weight makes it easier to handle in awkward positions, resulting in less hand strain and smoother jobs. And an added flashlight illuminates the peskiest of blind spots.”

The first just spouts information, the second sells by explaining how the prospect will benefit. The second is key if you want to level up your sales performance.

19. Stay Organized With Trello

Trello’s intuitive design and interface allow you to easily organize notes, ideas, and media. And it has proved invaluable for collaborating with team members, colleagues and clients. We even use it for coordinating content here at Fileboard.

Trello can boost your sales performance by helping you carve out targets and deadlines. You can tag other people in your notes and receive email notifications that notify you about upcoming deadlines and targets.

20. Find Hard-to-Reach Leads With Linkedin Advanced Search

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media tools available for sales reps. Using its advanced search feature, you can specify your search for prospects or context on prospects through keywords, relationships, industry type, or location.

21. Create And Use Buyer Personas

Research from the Edelman group shows that brands and business are failing to grasp the most basic of sales motivation, objections, and desires of customers.

Their consumer marketing survey – which questioned over 11,000 people in over 8 different countries – found that 51% of people feel brands are doing a poor job of asking about and fulfilling their needs.

Further research even reveals that 40% of consumers say most promotions don’t deliver anything of interest.

This is why understanding your prospects with customer personas is crucial.

But what exactly is a customer persona?

Here’s the definition from a leading expert in the field of buyer insights and behaviour research, Tony Zambito:

Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of who buyers are,what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions.

Now they might be fictional representations, but they definitely aren’t derived from fiction. Customer personas are engineered by real, raw, complete data about who your prospects are. Not who you think they are.

They usually hold demographical information. Such as age, gender, occupation, location and income. And they do a terrific job of capturing your prospect’s needs, wants, motivations and objections with regards to your business.

Customer personas are designed to put you in the shoes of your customers when marketing/selling to them. Having an accurate persona at hand spells the difference between a flimsy vague pitch that meets rejection; and a persuasive explanation of your product that results in a sale.

22. Gum Chewing For A 20 Minute Brain Boost

In a study by St. Lawrence University, 159 students were bombarded with a series of demanding cognitive tasks, such as repeating random numbers backwards and solving tough logic puzzles.

50% of the subjects chewed gum, the other half were given nothing. Now for the juicy part: gum-chewing subjects seriously outperformed those in the control condition on five out of six tests.

Unfortunately, you can’t experience chewing-enhanced brain power all day. While the benefits of chewing gum have been proven repeatedly, the same study revealed the positive effects only last for 20 minutes. So be sure to time your gum chewing wisely.

23. Use Social Proof When Possible

Don’t tell your prospect that you “slash their electric bill by 15%”. Show them. Use testimonials, case studies, and success stories to show –  not tell – how awesome your product/service is.

24. Get Prospect Info Quickly With Rapportive

Rapportive is a Gmail browser extension that brings all your contacts’ social media profiles to your inbox. It allows you to automatically view a contact’s profile photo, job and organization. There are also links for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which you can hover over to view a stream of recent Tweets or status updates.

Rapportive takes this even further by making social media links interactive. You can follow, retweet, or comment on Facebook posts. So not only can you gain key insights on clients, but you can engage with them, all without leaving your email inbox.

25. Use Boomerang To Get Your Emails Read

Boomerang is a Gmail tool that allows you to draft and schedule an email for later. Rather than hitting send right away, you can use Boomerang to schedule it for a later send.

As you can imagine, it’s awesome tool for boosting productivity. You can literally write all your email follow ups at once, and let Boomerang deliver them at a suitable time that’s likely to catch your prospect.

26. Maintain Your Sales Motivation With Fileboard

Main your sales motivation with Fileboard

Fileboard tells reps what to do next so they sell faster with less effort and more fun. It’s task focused sales process makes every rep follow up smarter, hit targets faster, celebrate harder and get up to speed quicker. They boost your sales performance with:

  • Tactical follow ups. Track how prospects respond to your calls and emails and use that to prioritise your sales funnel. We tell you when to follow up to move deals forward.
  • Simplified targets. An easy to follow sales process makes you laser focused on what to do next and helps you hit your sales target faster.
  • Boosting your sales motivation. Constantly track and show your sales progress, and celebrate your success.

27. Use The (10+2)*5 Hack

This may sound like an algebraic equation, but fortunately it’s not. The (10+2)*5 simply means 10 minutes work + 2 minutes break multiplied by 5, completing 1 hour.

What’s the point of all this? To create a pleasurable work/ play cycle that keeps you motivated.  If you’re a procrastinator, or find it hard to get into a work pattern, Give it a shot.

28. Keep Red And Blue Colours Around You

According to a Science Daily study about which colors improve brain performance, red was found to increase attention to detail, while blue sparks creativity.

29. Make Sure You Know Your Sales Tasks Clearly

Harvard studies have found that sales motivation and effort were significantly higher in companies with clearer sales tasks. Mainly because the reps could identify the results of their efforts. Which lead to more sales motivation and a clearer sense of direction.

To prevent your sales motivation from slumping, know your sales tasks and results to a T. Again, a tool like Fileboard can help you here.

30. Reward Yourself!

After a long day at work, it’s important to take care of yourself. Treating yourself to a nice meal or a cool new gadget is an easy way to keep the stress out and find the reasons you work hard.

What else would you add to this list?