Month: August 2016

Perfect Follow Ups Close Deals Faster

The Right Follow Ups Make All The Difference After working your butt off to capture a prospect’s interest, what’s the most crucial ingredient for closing that sweet sale? That’s right, the follow up research shows that 80% of sales require up to 5 follow ups to close the deal. Guess what?44% of salespeople give up after… Read more »

20 Sales Skills To Become A Sales Pro

Have you ever heard someone described as a “born salesman”? The phrase tends to conjure up images of Harold Hill from The Music Man—a smooth-talking salesman who hawks musical instruments to cynical Iowans despite not being able to play a note of music himself. Most salespeople aren’t Harold Hill. But the good news is that… Read more »

Qualify Prospects Better In 5 Steps

According to the 2011 CSO Insights, reps spend almost 25% of their time working to qualify prospects. This sounds like a huge waste of time, but it all pays off! The better you know your prospect, the better your ability to overcome objections, build rapport, and overcome resistance to buying. Basically, solid prospect research will… Read more »

The Science Behind Setting Sales Goals That Boost Performance and Productivity

Every sales team in the world always has one crucial thing in common: setting successful sales goals. While every sales team sets goals; how those goals are manufactured and assigned to sales reps differs greatly. As tons of real life sales case studies show, this variation has an incredible impact on the sustained motivation, performance,… Read more »

Digital Body Language: How To Stop Annoying Leads

We get asked how to solve this problem a lot, so read on to learn the answer! If we took every inane reason or list of ways to call your prospect and see where they are in the pipeline, I guarantee the recommended scripts boil down to some of our most despised phrases: “I’m just… Read more »