Month: September 2016

Find Your Best Templates & Sales Content

Discover your top sales templates, you may be using them already! Everyone wants to use the killer email template: that one email with language that captures the most leads, and sales collateral that captures the most prospects. There’s no right language that works every time, you have to specifically cater to your prospect’s market, location,… Read more »

Our Tree In The Salesforce Ecosystem

On Being Part of the Largest Global Sales Partner Program Today, the Fileboard team and I raise one to our partner Salesforce. We’re happy to be part of a community projected to add a stunning $389 Billion to global GDP over the next five years. Fileboard & Salesforce are transforming the world of Sales, and… Read more »

How To Set A Consistent Sales Process

The Secret to Multiplying Sales Sales representatives who’ve spent time in the sales trenches know that it’s often feast or famine. But that’s because sales leaders often focus on the wrong things when forming and training a sales team. By creating—and using—a consistent sales process, sales leaders can make sure that they’re enjoying success twelve… Read more »