How Do I Find Decision Makers?

Begin With Cold Calling – Find Decision Makers!

Using an Account based view makes you find decision makers in an easier way. In Fileboard, you can quickly run through an entire company, and call or email with the click of a button. This keeps you on track, so you’ll never lose your progress in an account.

Find Decision Makers
What’s the next step? Work top-down, and try getting in touch with as many high level managers and decision makers as you can.
Even after you make one connection, don’t just leave it at that. If your first attempt isn’t successful, connect with others in the account and escalate, see how high up the chain you can make it.
Find Decision Makers

Next up – Find Decision Makers Through Email

When sending out sales emails, you want to make the widest impression possible. The right sales collateral in a File Link can create a lasting impression, and most importantly, will prompt the recipient to forward it up the chain to decision makers.
Selecting Enable roll-call in a File Link will prompt any viewers of the link to fill in their name, company, and email address. When whomever you share your link with sends it to someone else, they will have to enter their information as well. Suddenly, you might have the contact information of a sales manager or VP of sales, ready to prospect!
This method of lead-capturing also works great for sharing on social media! Since File Links are personalized URLs, you can embed them in any media or format you choose.

If you’ve found your decision makers through a forwarded File Link, you can use their engagement to give a better pitch, and increase the likelihood of a close.

Find Decision Makers