4 Tips for closing deals in Q4


Fall weather is in the air and the final quarter is here. Time to crack down and finish those deals you have set up to close before the new year and new quarter. We’ve compiled 4 tips for Q4 to finish strong and top your sales before the new year.

Understand B2B Buying habits in Q4 to make the most of the pre-holiday rush

1. Overcoming “It’s just not in this year’s budget.”

This is the death knell of many, many opportunities. If the sale won’t happen this year, that might be out of your hands, but you can’t let them slip out that fast. Get affirmation that they’ll be evangelizing internally, and get a hard appointment to revisit your product next year. Furthermore, before the quarter is up, get in touch with them, if only to remind them of your “appointment” in the new quarter. Keep them appraised of the sale at hand so they can account for it internally.

2. Get Imaginative with your Offers and Discounts around the Holidays

Retail stores are the true masters of this, but there’s no reason to not implement it into your sales process. At the time of this blog’s publishing, Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re no strangers to a “spooky” end of October sale. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years are just waiting to be used for a creative sales opportunity, which can make or break your customer’s opinion of you.

3. Follow up with Holiday Wishes

This ties into tip #2. Don’t expect a reply depending on how close to particular holidays you send out a message, but the right “Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and we’ll be rooting for the Cowboys in the football game with you!” personal message can really make your customers appreciate the time you take out for them. This is also a great method for Account Executives to get back to their clients before a big upsell.

4. Recognize a Budget Surplus

Prospects will give you hints if their budgets are spend-friendly. During Q4, many businesses find themselves with a surplus and are eager to cut a deal before the books close for the end of the year. While some businesses ready to close the fiscal year out may give responses like in tip #1, look for some to be more sales-ready, and willing to make a more favorable deal to your bottom line.