Use The Right Tools For Inside Sales!

Use The Right Tools For Inside Sales

If you’re selling, then you’re using software to help sell. If you aren’t, we have some stuff that will blow your mind. Let’s go back to the basics: Powerpoint is a tool. Email is a tool. With a combination of these you can start selling, but the next step is what makes you go pro. Salesforce didn’t go from 3 programmers in an apartment to the S&P 500 with these two tools. Its up to your company (and ultimately your SDRs) to determine what tools you need to maximize sales.

60% here, 40% there

It’s getting cloudy in the Cloud these days. Plenty of new software companies can help you reach your sales targets, but they all share the same flaw: One tool has 60% of the functionality you need, another has 40%, but that functionality is critical, so you use both. Shelling out hundreds of dollars per seat for all these tools doesn’t make sense, whether its for your 5 man startup or international enterprise corporation. Take any sales rep, from the seasoned vets to the “first job out of college” fresh meat, and they’ll all get lost when you tell them to write content on platform W, host it on website X, present through tool Y, and sell with CRM Z. What’s accomplished with a patchwork of sales tools is lost time & lost customers, inevitably resulting in a low bottom line & unhappy management. Each tool requires a different round of training, and some reps might favor some tools over another leading to discord between members of a sales team. Diversity can seriously impact productivity with sales tools.

Vertical integration of every sales tool is key to producing cost-effective results for your team.

Nobody carries around a phone, mp3 player, calculator, and camera anymore. We’ve put all of these into singular devices. Why shouldn’t your CRM reflect this level of functionality? We commend our competitors on what they’ve put into their products, but the simple fact is we have all of their tools combined on our platform. No other Sales Enablement tool can claim full integration with Salesforce. Some are just too clunky or large to run within SFDC, but we’ve streamlined our application, and with lightning fast HTML5, Fileboard runs faster than any other tool. Our screensharing app runs at a higher resolution, so presentations can include sharp, high definition visuals.

Consider Ralph’s story. He’s a sales development rep at Defense1, a business security company. Ralph has a difficult job because he has such a high volume of clients, and it’s extremely time consuming to follow up with each prospect. He has a successful cold-calling pitch, and the sales deck he sends out was already created and approved by Marketing. Ralph sorts through his contacts in Salesforce, and since his company uses Toutapp, she can send a mass email to a number of these contacts. Ralph gets a few hits on his emails, and goes to Huddle to get the PDFs requested by his prospects. One of the prospects asks for an online team meeting, so he goes back to Google Calendar to schedule the meeting. Corporate put down a memo that every sales seat has been subscribed to use Joinme, so Ralph presents through their application, switching back to his calendar when needed to refer to scheduling dates. The company seemed interested but needed time to discuss his product, so a few days later Ralph sends a follow up email, and a week later closes the sale.

Consider your sales process. How accurately does this story reflect yours?

Platforms, not Apps

There’s an inherent demand for a comprehensive Inside Sales platform. Individual apps keep customer data needlessly segregated, and result in redundant data entry by sales reps who should be selling instead. Inside sales naturally follows a process which benefits from homogenous software. There’s six steps to the professional Inside Sales process which we’ve covered in a previous whitepaper:


There’s an extremely saturated market for 4 and 5, with plenty of powerful tools available to support meetings of all sizes. This isn’t a surprise to anyone, as live meetings are the heart & soul of Inside Sales, and every company who could jumped into the market when the technology became available and widespread.

What we offer is the rest of the Inside Sales package. After your meetings, data on customer attention is saved into Fileboard and Salesforce, if you use our SFDC product. In addition, you can schedule follow-up reminders to touch the prospect immediately after the meeting- sending them information or debriefing. If you’re looking to implement screen sharing completely into your sales process, let’s talk. Meetings are a critical part of the sales process, but we believe to truly master sales, you have to go beyond the meetings themselves.

Can your team afford to let interested leads fall through the cracks?

To recap: in addition to the time Fileboard saves between juggling different apps, we’ll save the bottom line as well.
Fileboard can quantify what was just guesswork in the past- arguably the most stressful part of sales. At the end of the day, you need a sales accelerator that can reliably turn your prospects into clients.