Month: December 2016

Your 2017 Resolution: Become A Trusted Advisor to your Prospects

When it comes time to make big decisions, we don’t always leave every consideration up to ourselves. Take the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? as an example; contestants get 3 “lifelines” to confer with a friend or audience suggestion as to the correct trivia answers. We instinctively like to source as much information… Read more »

Notes From The CEO: Looking Forward To 2017

From The Desk Of Fileboard’s CEO 2016 is coming to a close, and with the new year around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect. We also want to extend a warm welcome to this year’s new customers, we’re excited they’ve joined us in the journey to turn sales teams into trusted advisors. In… Read more »

3 Messages to send prospects stuck in the Sales Pipeline

It’s the end of the year, and we hope Fileboard has helped lock in some of those final deals you were looking to close this year. If you’ve got the free time, how about wrapping up some of those that didn’t make the cut? It happens to the best of sales teams, sometimes engaged prospects… Read more »

Sales Tracking in Salesforce – Get Back To Closing Deals!

Smarter Sales Tracking Speeds Up Your Work Day. Today we’re going to look at Salesforce and how to overcome logging sales data, the slowest part of any reps day. So your lists, leads, account, opportunities, et cetera live in Salesforce. That’s great, so do ours! Now, do you know why your company uses Salesforce, or… Read more »

Why Lead Management Matters In Your Sales Process

How many of your prospects languish in pipeline purgatory? When it comes to your direct interactions with a prospect, every second counts. Their time is your most valuable metric. If you can’t meet them face to face, how do you know if they’re genuinely interested in what you’re selling? Every salesperson knows to pitch to… Read more »