Sales Tracking in Salesforce – Get Back To Closing Deals!


Smarter Sales Tracking Speeds Up Your Work Day.

Today we’re going to look at Salesforce and how to overcome logging sales data, the slowest part of any reps day.

So your lists, leads, account, opportunities, et cetera live in Salesforce. That’s great, so do ours! Now, do you know why your company uses Salesforce, or have you just always accepted it as part of your sales process? Here’s the thing: Salesforce is a phenomenal aggregation tool for data.

All your leads, all their company information, this all lives inside Salesforce. So what is Fileboard doing here?
The missing link in Salesforce is your customer’s actions. What your prospects do, when they open your emails, join your meetings, and take your sales calls, this gets recorded in Salesforce every time. Salesforce thrives on data, and what Fileboard does is round out the picture of what your prospects want. In Salesforce I might already know my target company, their VP of Sales, the addresses of their Western and Eastern US offices, everyone’s contact information, and maybe even a small note that the VP likes the Chicago Bears. What’s missing?


What we’re looking at is the steps we’ve taken to log the actions we’ve taken with this prospect. Not just our outbound actions, but this prospect’s inbound behavior, for instance viewing a File Link.

What’s next? Fileboard has a full version living directly within Salesforce, so just click into a File Link for detailed analytics on their page views. When it’s time to follow up, you can send a Fileboard email, create a File Link, jump into an online meeting or conference, and now place a call to the prospect straight from their Salesforce data page!


The End of Sales Logging

You hate it, I hate it, we all hate it, but it has to get done! This can take the most time, and while it produces valuable information, it also keeps you from talking to customers, making more calls, and sending more emails, all valuable functions that can instantly close another deal.

Fileboard is creating those logs every time you call or email, so the time you spend in those sales logs is time spent reviewing them to track your progress, not updating countless records with the same information.

If you’re ready to stop filling out the same Salesforce update pages and get back to closing deals, start a free trial of Fileboard! We work right within Salesforce from day 1 of your trial, so you can spend more of your day selling right now!