File Link Friday: Create a sense of urgency with prospects!

Fileboard - Track your sales progress

File Links can be set to expire so your prospects come to a buying decision faster

This week, we’re touching some Fileboard features on the smaller side, but that can make all the difference between a month long and a week long Lead-to-Deal.

For every File Link created or File attached to a Fileboard email, you as the user are allowed a plethora of controls over your customer’s experience with those files. What we’re focusing on today are two functions, Expire File On… and Expire Now.
Informing your prospects of an expiry date for any documents you send to them is a great way to get an answer faster. This method can encourage prospects to move forward faster instead of leaving you hanging for months for an answer.

Sometimes sensitive information needs to disappear eventually, which is why we added these tools to let you securely share whatever you need with your prospects. Even creating an artificial sense of urgency can still push a deal when needed, or at the very least, cause them to look at the file, giving you much-needed information on their interests. Nothing makes people want something more than losing out on it, so get their attention by taking information away!