Why Online Sales Meetings Matter


People say there’s no substitute for eye contact and giving a firm handshake, but how do you replace these when prospects don’t want to meet anymore?

For most SDRs and B2B salespeople, 88 percent of buyers just don’t want to meet face to face anymore! Going further up the chain, 65% of executives prefer digital contact. What does it take to make the right impression with them?

Here’s why online meetings are so crucial these days: They represent one of the sole opportunities you’ll get to visually pitch to a client and get constructive, responsive feedback, which plays into how you’ll make the sale.

When you get to the point where your leads want the online pitch, you’ve found yourself in an extremely strong selling position, and that online meeting represents your best opportunity to make the sale! Whether you’re working off a pitch deck, navigating a website, or even showing your product off firsthand through sharing your screen, the focus is on your pitch, and you’re in complete control of how the meeting goes.

The X Factor

It’s obvious what you’ve lost compared to a face to face meeting. You’re left guessing whether all eyes and ears are on you, or if your clients started checking their emails the minute you changed a slide.

If you’ve done your homework on your client, you should understand their usecase pretty well, and should have some questions at the ready to bring them back into the fold. How do you know the right time to ask these?

All it takes is a quick glance at your meeting attendees in Fileboard.


What you need to know during your meeting is if you’re prospects really get it, and if they really like it. Once you’ve lost their attention, the meeting is as good as over, unless you can recognize that their minds are somewhere else.

Tools for your critical process

Tracking attention in real time gives you that extra edge during this critical process of the sales pipeline. For an ever-growing number of Sales reps, an online meeting is the closest they’ll get to eye contact and a handshake, and Fileboard takes meetings to that next level with critical information on your prospect’s attention.