Sales Success: Are you happy with your current number of (qualified) leads?

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Thriving sales reps are mostly concerned about meeting their sales quotas. However, without following a proper protocol laid out by strategic planners in the company, a sales development rep might go astray and tend to end up considering every prospect a qualified lead. For beginners in this profession, everything feels and looks the same. To make your campaign successful, you need to differentiate between your prospects, your tasks, and the way you qualify leads.
Let’s define a sales qualified lead first. A prospect that has been contacted, researched upon, finds your product to be a good fit and engages with you is the ideal definition of a sales qualified lead. Whatever the way your B2B lead generation program is designed, once a prospect fulfills this criterion, he is ready to be passed to the next phase of trials, a possible sale and onboarding. But things are not that smooth and easy. Sales development reps mostly fail to comply with these quotas. There are four reasons for it.

Reasons for not meeting the qualified leads quota

1) Bad Data
This is the most common cause of not hitting the weekly or monthly quota of qualified sales leads. There can be many example of bad data here. Either the SDR is targeting the wrong profiles within the wrong company, or the right profiles but within a wrong company where the product isn’t a good fit. Similarly, the target industry might be related to your product but the size of the companies that you’re targeting may not comply with your average deal cycle. The responsibility here falls on both SDRs and management itself. The ideal situation is to target the right profiles of decision makers in right companies where your product is a good fit. With practice and proper fine-tuning, this will ultimately lead to much more fruitful sales conversations.

2) Wrong Message
Even if there is no problem with the data that’s targeted, sending plain marketing emails and delivering a vague message is also one of the main reasons not enough sales qualified leads are created. Another major disaster this can cause is destroying your unique value proposition by presenting an incorrect or unhelpful pitch that’s detrimental to your product’s image.

3) Less Effort
In some cases, the data might not be the only reason. SDRs who do not strive hard to reach out might dismiss prospects with a potential to become leads. According to a Laurie Beasley, it takes from 7 to 13 touches to deliver a qualified sales lead. So, don’t lose hope and put some extra effort in there.

Minute problems in your outbound sales process can create major hiccups in your road to sales success

4) Wrong Estimates
Miscalculating the targets for that quarter is a strong reason you might fall short of your sales qualified leads target. As they say, there is a “method to madness”, the decision makers should understand their product’s potential, the right fit, realistic prices and achievable timely milestones.