Month: May 2017

Sales Process 101: Will I make my quota with my current leads?

In a successful sales process, meeting your quota depends upon the quality of your lead pipeline. If a sales rep thinks that he or she is born with some sort of a super natural gift that you can close deals without following a proper protocol, this is not going to happen. 5 critical steps for… Read more »

Task Prioritization: Do you spend enough time selling?

Improper task prioritization hurts more salespeople than you might realize. According to Cirrus Insights, a majority of salespeople spend less than half of their time selling. In most of the cases, salespeople spend anywhere between 15% to 20% of their time selling. With salespeople responsible for dozens of other tasks besides sales, it usually ends… Read more »

Finding your Sales Process: Which leads are hot and which are not!

  Stuffing up your sales pipeline with random, unqualified leads is a disaster for your sales process. Sales reps can make a list of leads without determining their use, but this is only good enough to relax your mind temporarily. Sales pros are always never interested in the quantity of leads, just quality. In plain… Read more »

Sales Success Part II: Do you know how to qualify your leads?

Qualifying sales leads is a tricky business! New SDRs sometimes commit huge mistakes by qualifying the wrong leads. Sales pipelines are filled constantly but nothing valuable is generated. We have already discussed a few reasons that can make an SDR qualify the wrong leads. We will discuss the solutions step by step as per their importance. 4… Read more »

Notes from the CEO May 2017: Marketo’s new slice of the Sales Stack.

Reflecting on some of my closing remarks from end of 2016, this stood out: ” I anticipate that we will start to see consolidation in the sales tech space where piecemeal solutions will start to become irrelevant.” Somewhat unexpectedly during the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago a few weeks ago, I learned that Toutapp, a competitor… Read more »

AA-ISP’s 2017 Leadership Summit: A Fileboard Recap

We had a blast at AA-ISP’s Leadership Summit in Chicago! We had so much fun meeting other AA-ISP members and guests, and we hope you learned as much from our brilliant panel guests and speakers as we did! Thanks again to the event organizers, Jen, Jessica and Cameron for a fast-paced and well organized conference… Read more »