Month: June 2017

Fileboard Salesman Profile: Atiq

Today we interview one of our own: Our senior accounts director, Atiq Khan. Atiq’s been with Fileboard since the start, and we wanted to get his perspective on just how Fileboard has transformed the world of sales in a brief interview. Describe your day to day tasks “So I always start my day checking my… Read more »

Sales pipeline full of zombies?

A good sales pipeline keeps a consistent and continuous number of closable leads. Sales pipelines can be good or bad, but there is something common between both processes. You might have zombies lingering around in your pipeline and not even know it! Good sales pipelines stay successful because sales reps and managers know how to… Read more »

Learning Engagement: How do your prospects reactions play into the sale?

For a while, we’ve talked about the importance of tracking your prospect’s engagement, and why an informed salesperson can cut their sales pipeline down. So what do you want to look for in the first place? What kind of prospect response other than a definitive “yes” or an “I’m interested” email back should you look… Read more »

The BILLION dollar question: When is the right time to follow up?

Inside Sales exits as a market because of two customer issues: 1. They need to be better educated before making a buying decision, or 2. They need to be sold to by an expert salesperson in order to make their decision. This entire relationship hinges around a few critical emails, phone calls, or meetings, in… Read more »

Top complaints of SDRs and how sales managers can solve them

Sales Managers, what’s your job? Is it to coach and educate your team, or simply to ensure they make their quarterly expectations, no matter what? SDR’s need to learn from your sales experience, but they also have valid critiques of their sales process, or what seems to be impeding them from selling at their peak…. Read more »

Just How Much is your Low Sales Productivity Costing You?

Some of this should be a no brainer. For instance, if you don’t work you can’t make any money! Likewise, the fewer productive sales conversations you have per day, the fewer sales you can make overall. Successful companies invest a lot of capital in sales development and outbound sales to find their solution to increasing… Read more »

Task Prioritization 2: Controlling Distractions

What do sales managers want? Quality results in a short period. There’s always the incentive to be the “yes man” and squeeze in that extra scheduled phone call or two during the day. However, without proper task prioritization and time management, things can go south in no time. Pretty soon, you’ll be balancing multiple clients… Read more »