The BILLION dollar question: When is the right time to follow up?

follow up smarter

Inside Sales exits as a market because of two customer issues: 1. They need to be better educated before making a buying decision, or 2. They need to be sold to by an expert salesperson in order to make their decision. This entire relationship hinges around a few critical emails, phone calls, or meetings, in a time period known as the Follow Up. Following up with your lead’s initial outreach or request is what keeps the conversation moving and the sales process on track, and it is up to each and every inside sales rep to manage this relationship to a successful outcome. The more successful outcomes each sales rep can manage, the closer to success their company will find themselves.

Trying to guess when to follow up

Guessing when to follow up is no good; the best salespeople have tried this some have gotten it right, most have failed. Why rely on luck in your profession? Buster Posey doesn’t hope for good luck that he’ll hit a home run, he just steps up to the plate and hits deep past center field.
Guessing is full of inconsistencies. Follow up too early, and your prospect could become annoyed at your repeated attempts to speak, with no new information for their needs. They may have not had time to discuss your product yet, and you’ve wasted everyone’s valuable time with overeager outreach.

Follow up too late, and one of three scenarios can happen: #1 Your prospect will have forgotten about you, and decided they can manage without your product. #2 Your prospect will have evaluated a competitor and, because of your lack of communication or comparison, gone with said competitor. In the worst outcome, #3, your prospect decided they were sales ready and wanted to move forward, never heard from you, and over time decided to go with options #1 or #2.

You can even follow up in that sweet spot in the middle, after the perfect length of time to follow up, and still have an imperfect follow up. “I’m busy right now”, or “Now’s not a good time” are curt rejections we’ve all heard, which frequently throw sales reps into a conundrum. When, then, is the right time to reach back out? You can easily fall back into a trap of reaching out too early or too late since this first follow up.

Smarter Follow ups

When you’re ready to follow up, wait for one of two signals. The first signal is the best, a message from your prospect saying “I’m ready to move forward” or “Let’s talk”.
The second signal is notifications from Fileboard, saying your email and File Link have been opened and read. These give you the precise time that your prospect is reading your sales or marketing content, your product is fresh in their mind, and you have an exact idea of what features or issues they specifically care about. Don’t wait, the right time to follow up is NOW! Get in touch, make a connection, and answer close the deal! You’ve answered the billion-dollar question, and know when to follow up.