Sales pipeline full of zombies?

A good sales pipeline keeps a consistent and continuous number of closable leads. Sales pipelines can be good or bad, but there is something common between both processes. You might have zombies lingering around in your pipeline and not even know it! Good sales pipelines stay successful because sales reps and managers know how to deal with these zombie leads and don’t let them affect the sales closing.
What is a zombie in the sales pipeline? Zombies are leads that a lot of time and resources are being spent over with a sprinkle of optimism, and no close in sight for the deal. This leads to a slower sales closing time and figure that’s detrimental for a sales department if happens regularly. Though optimism is what keeps a sales rep going, here the sales manager or the top leadership must be realistic enough to understand the stakes and flush these leads out of the system.

How to Avoid Stuffing Zombie Leads in Your Pipeline

1) Have the Right Forecasts: The temptation of closing a huge deal can blind some sales professionals to root out the likeability of closing a deal at hand. One must never try to close the deals that just aren’t going to happen. Forecasts based on such zombie deals are not realistic and in vain. Don’t base any of your future decisions on the outcome of such dubious leads. Instead, get rid of them.
2) Categorize Leads per Stage: Sometimes a lead might go zombie-like solely because it has been assigned to the wrong lead stage. Create distinguishable and quantifiable criteria around each lead stage so there is not shady area between reps as to whether something belongs at qualify or investigate. Using a BANT system is a perfect solution as well.
3) A Rigorous Sales Pipeline Is a Promising Pipeline: Remember that a rigorous and narrow sales pipeline is more practical to build and work upon as compared to a very vast sales pipeline. In our experience, you should be precise about who you are targeting and their use case should be in harmony with your product. Only then not only you can get a good deal in the short run but will also eliminate the chances of churn in future.