10 better ways of reconnecting with prospects. Don’t just check in!

We all usually face an issue when trying to reconnect with our prospects, which either go silent or we don’t get enough time to follow up with them. Most of us think that it’s either our problem that we are not good enough with maintaining a health contact or the prospect was not that much interested in our offering. However, it’s not the case. Some of the readers will agree with me here because just like us, our prospects also have regular lives and sometimes situations arise where our conversations are buried under loads of issues and daily day happenings. Therefore, let’s not put all the blame on ourselves or the prospects and see what can be done!

Reconnecting with prospects is more important, not the reason of losing contact.

Today we are going to share with you 6 important points to easily reconnect with your prospects that have gone silent.

  • Re-evaluate your Value Proposition: We have always stressed about the importance of curating your content and pitch for every single prospect separately. For reconnecting with prospects, we will again advise you to re-visit your pitch once again and see if there is something missing in your value proposition that can make a pitch interesting for a specific client.
  • Connect & Follow your Prospects on Social Channels: Connecting with your prospects via social media is another step a sales person shouldn’t miss out on. We’re not saying that you follow every single person in your list. But do follow and connect with prospects you had good conversations with. This will elevate the relationship to a bit personal level.
Reconnecting with Prospects
  • Make More Friends within a Company: You as a sales person shouldn’t rely on a single person within a company to get your deal closed. You need to make more friends within a company or an account to increase the chances of closing a deal by having more decision makers at your side.
  • Get a Referral: An important technique is to get a referral through your existing clients who know your prospects. For the prospects, it’s hard to trust a seller but once a genuine customer comes in and vows for you, other prospects get a boost of confidence in your offering.
  • Relevant Digital Content Gives More Color: Digital media has taken over the advertisement industry by a storm. Though we are bombarded by digital ads from our cellphones to our desktops, still one can never say that digital content has lost its affect. If you have your own digital content or if you come across meaningful digital content from some other publisher, it’s good to share it with the prospects that you think will benefit from this information.
  • Being classy leaves a lasting impression: Though it’s the digital age of emails and text messages, we still get excited whenever we receive an old-fashioned paper envelope! Do send an envelope with some sort of a gift card or an invitation for a cup of coffee. This would be a great way of restarting a relation with some heat!

Maintaining relationships with customers should never keep you alert and hypersensitive. Maintain these business relationships just like you maintain your normal relationships.

Hasan considers Fileboard his second home and is working here as an inbound marketing expert. He has an academic background in traditional finance; however, his work experience from quite a long time revolves around startups, digital marketing and advertising.