Author: Atiq

What’s your New Year’s Resolution for Sales?

This is a really busy time for sales people. We are heading towards end of the year and obviously are working hard to achieve targets that we have set or quotas that have been given to us. This is great and we should be focused on closing the year strongly. But at the same time… Read more »

Sales Forecasting Helps Inside Sales Reps Succeed… No Doubt!

Believe it or not, most inside sales reps fail to meet their quota. Of course, this is due to many factors, but a major issue tends to be unrealistic, inaccurate, or non-existent sales forecasting. And whatever the issue, bad sales forecasting makes it difficult for inside sales reps to meet their quotas and for businesses… Read more »

Inside Sales and Digital Body Language

Inside Sales is growing and so is the need for transparency into the Digital Body Language of your prospects. What is Digital Body Language? In essence body language is nothing other than non-verbal communication. When you are in a face-to-face conversation with another person both their body and facial expressions are changing, this can be… Read more »

10 Sales Presentation Disasters to Avoid

Remember the time you raced through your sales presentation with sweaty palms and awkward silences where you anticipated questions? That was awful–and unfortunately only one of a ton of different sales presentation blunders we’ve witnessed over the years. From being ill-prepared for questions to poor Internet connections, here are the top 10 sales presentation disasters… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Set and Achieve Inside Sales Goals

The most important things in inside sales are goal setting and achieving goals. You might have read before that goals always need to be SMART, no matter if you are an inside sales manager or inside sales rep. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-related As an inside sales manager you are setting… Read more »

Use These Cold-Calling Tips to Kick Ass on Your Next Sales Call!

When you are about to start a sales call, do you prepare enough to make sure your sales call will kick ass? How much time do you invest in learning the latest cold-calling tips? Ever wonder if cold calling is dead? Entering a sales call not fully prepared is something that happens to the best of… Read more »

Fileboard new version launched!

We love our users. That is why we recently upgraded them to a renewed and better version of Fileboard. At Fileboard we know where the future of sales is heading. It is our mission to make our customers ready for this future. This is why at Fileboard we are continuously innovating to give our clients… Read more »

Fileboard and other ClearSlide* Alternatives

Which companies are real ClearSlide alternatives? Why are screensharing, email tracking and presentation building companies often labeled as direct ClearSlide alternatives while they are not? In this blogpost we will address these questions and will also highlight why Fileboard qualifies as one of the closest ClearSlide alternatives. The first question we need to answer is… Read more »

The Sales KPI: MEASURE or DIE!

Sales is moving beyond face-to-face interactions because much of buyer and seller communication is happening through phone, Internet, or email. This makes the sales key performance indicators, or KPIs, more important than ever. While the trend toward digital allows for a more cost effective sale, it also leads to challenges for sales reps and managers: Technology… Read more »

Ten Steps to Successful Sales Pitching

The degree to which sales people are successful at pitching prospects directly impacts a company’s bottom line. Before a company can effectively utilize sales analytics, sales pipeline management, or sales automation, the sales reps must establish the initial contact with the prospects. The art of pitching and closing business can be a challenge for those who are new in sales… Read more »