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How Content Engagement & Tracking Features Are Improving Sales

Marketing these days, whether online or offline is all about building engagement. Consequently, this engagement leads towards desired action, which is the purchase decision of services or products. Before jumping on to Content Engagement, let’s give our readers a brief overview of Content Marketing. Creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and eventually convert… Read more »

Sales Intelligence is the Next Sales Gold Rush

Sales Intelligence is where firms are willing to invest heavily. Competition nowadays has reached new heights globally. Along with that, the customers are also becoming more difficult to sell to as they are much more literate about alternatives and our products. Thanks to the internet, nothing can be hidden now. In order to compete and… Read more »

Dealmaking 2.0: Aligning Sales and Marketing for Successful Sales Pipeline Acceleration

Transitions are tough. The good news, though, is that a successfully managed transition aligning sales and marketing departments leads to a full scale customer relationship management (CRM) model and sales pipeline acceleration.   The customer view These days, typical potential clients rely on the web and social media to seek out business solutions. Customers seek… Read more »

Six Costly Mistakes That Sabotage Your Inside Sales Success

Despite your best efforts, does inside sales success elude you? It’s not that unusual. Inside sales reps and managers often work extraordinarily hard for less-than-stellar results. It’s partly because business is changing, and busy decision makers are increasingly tough to reach. But inside sales teams also make a lot of mistakes that cost them valuable… Read more »

Customizing the Marketing Messaging for 5 Main Types of Customers

When you are launching a new product to a market, not all people will buy it immediately. Some would try anything new and buy it for the novelty, some would wait for the review of early adopters and others might join only after the world around have bought the product. Marketing people must understand these… Read more »