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Digital Body Language: How To Stop Annoying Leads

We get asked how to solve this problem a lot, so read on to learn the answer! If we took every inane reason or list of ways to call your prospect and see where they are in the pipeline, I guarantee the recommended scripts boil down to some of our most despised phrases: “I’m just… Read more »

How Content Engagement & Tracking Features Are Improving Sales

Marketing these days, whether online or offline is all about building engagement. Consequently, this engagement leads towards desired action, which is the purchase decision of services or products. Before jumping on to Content Engagement, let’s give our readers a brief overview of Content Marketing. Creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and eventually convert… Read more »

New feature: Drill down sales engagement to Contact level

Until now, when you send out collateral to a prospect you had to make the assumption that the person receiving and viewing your collateral was the actual decision maker. Fileboard showed you engagement on company level and you could see how many times your collateral was viewed, and by whom. But we felt this wasn’t… Read more »

Research shows your sales performance can do better, here’s how.

Our friends at Pipedrive just launched a very interesting research about the performance of sales people around the globe. It turned out that Americans are not the best deal closers, even though selling as we know it was invented there. Some other interesting findings: Brazilians need the least time to close a deal, Dutch people… Read more »