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File Link Friday: Send Content Faster With New Gmail And Outlook Plugins!

Content Tracking is a critical function for reps in Sales 2.0. Knowing what pages of your sales content your prospects actually read can give you the upper hand to closing a deal faster, or understanding the real needs of your prospects. Fileboard wants to help you send out your sales content with the tools you’re… Read more »

File Link Friday: Create a sense of urgency with prospects!

File Links can be set to expire so your prospects come to a buying decision faster This week, we’re touching some Fileboard features on the smaller side, but that can make all the difference between a month long and a week long Lead-to-Deal. For every File Link created or File attached to a Fileboard email,… Read more »

3 Messages to send prospects stuck in the Sales Pipeline

It’s the end of the year, and we hope Fileboard has helped lock in some of those final deals you were looking to close this year. If you’ve got the free time, how about wrapping up some of those that didn’t make the cut? It happens to the best of sales teams, sometimes engaged prospects… Read more »