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Notes from the CEO May 2017: Marketo’s new slice of the Sales Stack.

Reflecting on some of my closing remarks from end of 2016, this stood out: ” I anticipate that we will start to see consolidation in the sales tech space where piecemeal solutions will start to become irrelevant.” Somewhat unexpectedly during the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago a few weeks ago, I learned that Toutapp, a competitor… Read more »

Fileboard Secures Funding from Lighter Capital!

Fileboard is pleased to announce that we’ve secured a new source of funding with Lighter Capital. We’re delighted to work with them to help sales teams across the globe sell smarter. “Recent studies have shown that Fileboard is the strongest contender in our market, but that we need to increase our awareness” says Khuram Hussain,… Read more »

Improved email workflow enables faster and easier emailing

We’ve received lots of feedback from our customers (thanks for that!) about how to improve the email workflow in Fileboard. The #1 challenge was the inability to browse Fileboard while composing an email or scheduling a meeting. Doing so would cause you to lose your email and have to start over. Our product team has been working… Read more »

Announcement: Fileboard’s Latest Scheduler Helps You Time your Follow-up Perfectly

We have just announced our brand new feature of “Email Scheduler” for prospecting and sales follow-up emailing activities. We at Fileboard recognize the importance of relevancy and timing of your outreach activities to potential prospects, and this latest feature is another update to help you with that. Fileboard already provides sales professionals with deep insights and… Read more »

New Feature: create and edit Contacts, Companies and Opportunities

With the launch of our contacts feature we’ve added more features to make working with contacts, companies and opportunities easier than ever within Fileboard. You can now create and edit contacts, companies and opportunities. We’ve also increased the amount of available fields for a contact, company and opportunity. Actually we’ve made sure that those fields… Read more »

New feature: Drill down sales engagement to Contact level

Until now, when you send out collateral to a prospect you had to make the assumption that the person receiving and viewing your collateral was the actual decision maker. Fileboard showed you engagement on company level and you could see how many times your collateral was viewed, and by whom. But we felt this wasn’t… Read more »

The new fresh Fileboard redesign

It’s summer, a time for renewal, refreshment and recommitment. This is exactly what we have been up to at Fileboard and now it is time to share the results with you. We expect to launch a series of great features in the coming months but will start this process with the launch of a beautiful… Read more »

Use your Sales Collateral Performance to close more deals

Do you know which of your sales collateral is driving most sales? Do you select that collateral based on gut feeling when contacting new prospects or presenting to a potential customer? And when you create your sales pitch, do you include slides that support your story, or do you include slides that drive most engagement?… Read more »

Fileboard new version launched!

We love our users. That is why we recently upgraded them to a renewed and better version of Fileboard. At Fileboard we know where the future of sales is heading. It is our mission to make our customers ready for this future. This is why at Fileboard we are continuously innovating to give our clients… Read more »

Fileboard Live: The Top Performer in Presentation Apps

The Official Fileboard iOS app Fileboard Live is an advanced system of presentation apps that goes with you wherever you and your iPhone or iPad go. Presentation apps are an essential. Fileboard Live works on iOS devices without downloads—with your personal url. But what makes Fileboard Live stand out as a top performer in presentation apps? #1:… Read more »