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The BILLION dollar question: When is the right time to follow up?

Inside Sales exits as a market because of two customer issues: 1. They need to be better educated before making a buying decision, or 2. They need to be sold to by an expert salesperson in order to make their decision. This entire relationship hinges around a few critical emails, phone calls, or meetings, in… Read more »

Follow Up On Time, Every Time!

Today only 12% of customers want to meet a sales rep in person, and an increasing part of the customer’s buying experience happens online. As a result, salespeople need to be relevant to grab a buyers attention. Success in sales is sending out the right message to the right person at the right time. [tweet… Read more »

Perfect Follow Ups Close Deals Faster

The Right Follow Ups Make All The Difference After working your butt off to capture a prospect’s interest, what’s the most crucial ingredient for closing that sweet sale? That’s right, the follow up research shows that 80% of sales require up to 5 follow ups to close the deal. Guess what?44% of salespeople give up after… Read more »

14 No-Fail Sales Follow Up Email Strategies

What if you had the ultimate sales follow up email formula? It takes an average of five follow ups to close a sale, according to Sapph Li from the Art of Emails. Let’s imagine leaving a meeting, sending an email, and instantly getting a response. If you could shoot an email to a cold lead… Read more »

How To Follow Up Leads and Convert Them into Buyers

Leads. Follow up. Sales. More money. As a sales rep, you want to have all of them. If possible, at the same time. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. In fact, if you read this article from start to finish, you’ll see the possibility. However, make sure you’ve perfected your follow up system…. Read more »

Enhancing the Sales Touch Points

Sales touch points play a critical role in selling the product to the prospect. Generally speaking, touch points refer to an intersection between the customers and the product which is mostly done through marketing strategies. However, when we speak of sales touch points, the intersection is limited to a place where sale can take place…. Read more »

Sales Development Series: Need of Second Touch & 7 Tips for Improved Follow Up

In today’s era of sales development, the importance of proper follow up and second or even third touches cannot be over emphasized. Studies have shown that one touch marketing just doesn’t work anymore. So have you ever wondered why your fancy telephone call or a sophisticated cold email didn’t work? The answer might be simple;… Read more »

Perfect Sales Follow-up Call can shorten your Sales Cycle

Follow-up call is an essential part of sales cycle. It is more challenging than a cold call because sometimes in a sales follow-up call, you are short of options. However, a sales follow-up call has the power to establish a relationship with the prospect. So it is important to make the most out of it…. Read more »

Sales Development: Are you sure you got it right?

Predictable Revenue has completely redesigned sales development process, an idea that is nearly 30 years old. Nearly 40% of SaaS companies, which survived used sales development. With the breakthrough of latest technologies in business domain, a clear understanding of sales development process is a must. However, as the idea is becoming so mainstream nowadays, it… Read more »

Sales Follow Up Email Formats That Actually Get Engagement

What if you had the ultimate sales follow up email formula? Imagine leaving a meeting, sending an email, and instantly getting a response. Imagine shooting an email to a cold lead and having them eagerly reply. You’d become the most valuable inside sales rep of all time. As it turns out, sales follow up email… Read more »